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Poster Presentation Template Example - Morrison


  • Graphic Designer - Deanna Ebbeka,, 229 South HARH EC 0982, Phone: 402-472-7526

Poster presentation format has be mired in the same old format for eons. Mike Morrison suggests a new type of format with benefits both the presenter and the viewer.

The design consists of three main areas

  • Bold large main points allow viewers to get to the meat of the research quickly and move on to the next poster.
  • A sidebar with more detailed discussion/graphics allows the viewer to dig in deeper to the posters theme if the author is not present or engaged with another viewer.
  • Another sidebar is a detailed area for the presenter to keep track of key points or items they want to use in their interaction with a viewer.

Morrison Research Poster Format PowerPoint Template

Morrison Research Poster Format PowerPoint Template (Vertical)

You can access an UNL/SNR branded version of this at

  • SharePoint - Logos and Presentation.
  • Local folder (Windows - W:\Logos and Presentations\Poster_template\Poster_template.potx) or (Mac - //snr-fileserver/G1$/Logo and Presentations/Poster_template/Poster_template.potx)
Sample Poster Template

Mike Morrison is actually investigating how well this design works and is interested in your comments. Download his original design at or contact him at Mike.A.Morrrison