Graduate Student Handbook

Calendar - Outlook


  • Department Calendar - Christine Steggs,, 908 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-8120

Outlook email has a calendar feature. SNR Administration checks availability via Outlook calendars when scheduling meetings. Use this calendar to enter all work-related meetings, appointments, conferences, vacation leave, etc. In order to help schedule meetings, training, and events, please keep your calendar current to show the times that you are/aren't available.

To create a calendar appointment click on "new appointment" and fill in the fields. To make it a meeting and invite others, click on "invite attendees".

Note: the default is that others can see "busy", "free", "tentative", etc. If you want someone to see the specific titles (e.g. "Meeting with John Doe" or "Vacation in Colorado" etc.), click on "share calendar", enter the person's name, and click on "allow recipient to view your calendar". Or, click on "folder", "calendar properties", "permissions", and follow the prompts to allow specific access that is unique to a specific individual(s).

If you need to see the calendar(s) of other employees to check their availability, click on calendars, "Open calendar from address book", and then enter the person's name and click "Ok". It will take a few moments for the data to download and then it's ready to view. After that, the person's name will appear in the left column. For easy future access, simply click on the box next to the person's name.

You may enter non-work related appointments and events on this calendar. Keep in mind that the information you enter is on University-owned software and therefore privacy is not guaranteed.