Graduate Student Handbook

SNR IT Policy

SNR IT Support must adhere to UN Security Standard outlined here:

Shared resources access request

  1. All access requests must be made by the owners to SNR Computer Specialist.
  2. Only SNR System Admin will approve the requests
  3. Access will be removed when the user leaves and/or is transferred from SNR.

Shared Common Drive Protocol

  • All files and folders on the Z drive are erased at 1 am Sunday morning every week through an automated process.
  • The Z drive is an unsecure location; it is not backed up and files can be deleted by any user at any time.

Computer Purchase

SNR requires that all computer purchases be made through ITS Support personnel.

  1. Computers will be chosen from a few select makes and models. SNR IT will work with the users to buy the right equipment for their needs while staying within budget.