Graduate Student Handbook

SNR IT Policy

SNR IT Support must adhere to UN Security Standard outlined here:

SNR Security Standard for Logins

  1. All users must use their Active Directory accounts for logins
  2. No local accounts will be allowed on SNR computers
  3. Only SNR faculty, staff, and students can log into SNR computers located in Hardin Hall labs, classrooms, and conference rooms
  4. Individual SNR computer logons will be limited to the assigned SNR user and SNR IT Support

Patch Management Standard for Servers

  1. Required hotfixes and critical security updates will be applied as soon as available by SNR System Admin
  2. Any other updates from Microsoft will be installed and tested on the SNR Test System first before installation on other systems.
  3. The standard testing time for patches and fixes will be at least 2 weeks to ensure they are working properly.
  4. SNR System Admin will test and approve patches before installing them.

SNR Firewalls

  1. Open firewall ports are allowed for software licenses, files and print servers only
  2. Any requests for allowed ports will be processed through SNR System Admin
  3. UNL-ITS networking team will maintain SNR Firewalls
  4. Requests for allowed ports will be submitted by SNR System Admin to UNL-ITS Firewall Team

Shared resources access request

  1. All access requests must be made by the owners to SNR System Admin
  2. Only SNR System Admin will approve the requests
  3. Access will be removed when the user leaves and/or is transferred from SNR.

Shared Common Drive Protocol

  • All files and folders on the Z drive are erased at 1 am Sunday morning every week through an automated process.
  • The Z drive is an unsecure location; it is not backed up and files can be deleted by any user at any time.

Computer Purchase

SNR requires that all computer purchases be made through SNR Computer Support personnel.

  1. Computers will be chosen from a few select makes and models. SNR IT will work with the users to buy the right equipment for their needs while staying within budget.
  2. SNR Computer Support will provide data security and backup for the network drives.
  3. Full hardware and software support will be provided/available on each system.

* Computers purchased without involvement of SNR Computing Support will not be eligible to receive SNR IT support


  1. SNR IT is not responsible for any data users have on local or portable hard drives on their office computers.
  2. Office computer and data backups are the responsibilities of the users.
  3. Research data will be handled and backed up according to the guidelines of the grant providers, and the users are responsible for these data.
  4. It is recommended that users backup their local hard drives to off-site resources or cloud storage at least once a week. SNR IT can provide recommendations.

Used Technology Fee Computers

To be eligible for a Used Technology Fee computer, a graduate student:

  1. Must be currently enrolled in a UNL graduate program
  2. Must have an office in the SNR department in which the computer is to be housed
  3. Must not currently have a UNL computer

The graduate student must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The student will not receive administrator rights to the computer.
  2. The student will not install any software or hardware onto the computer.
  3. The computer cannot be given to another student.
  4. The computer must be returned to SNR IT upon graduate student leaving UNL.
  5. It is the responsibility of the advisor to provide a cost object for computer repairs.
  6. If the computer is not used weekly, it will be given to another graduate student.
  7. The student will only receive one computer.
  8. The student is responsible for backing up their data before returning the Used Technology Fee computer back to SNR IT.