Graduate Student Handbook



  • First Contact - Emma Hazel,, 911 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Office Associate - Lisa Greif,, 101 South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-3679

Faculty are able to request classrooms in which they would prefer to teach. However, final classroom assignment is based on enrollment and class schedule. Conference rooms are used as classrooms only when absolutely necessary.

Each classroom in Hardin Hall is equipped with an LCD projector, computer, and internet access. LCD projectors, laptops, and overhead projectors are also available for check-out through the resource database. Technicians are available to train instructors on the use of classroom equipment. Audio/Visual and computer wallpaper can display SNR related activity pictures and information; contact the SNR Webmaster to submit information/images to post.

Prior to the start of each semester, staff will ensure that teaching supplies are in each Hardin Hall classroom. If classroom supplies are low during the semester, contact the Office Associate for Sales.

Contact the Office Associate for Operations for classroom reservations.

Classrooms in Hardin Hall:

  • HarH 023 South - Teaching Wet Lab, capacity 30 students
  • HarH 024 South - Teaching Wet Lab, capacity 30 students
  • HarH 107 South - Auditorium, capacity 128 students (main floor with tables), 242 students (balcony with theater-style seating)
  • HarH 141 North - Computer Lab, 23 computers/seats
  • HarH 142 North - Computer Lab, 24 computers/seats
  • HarH 162 North - Classroom, capacity 42 students
  • HarH 163 North - Classroom, capacity 60 students