Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student Association (GSA)


  • Faculty Advisor - Joseph Dauer,, 516 South HARH EC 0995, Phone: 402-318-7363
  • Faculty Advisor - Jenny Dauer,, 904 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-318-7349

The purpose of the School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association (SNRGSA) shall be to serve as a representative body for all of the graduate students in the School of Natural Resources, to promote a closer relationship within the graduate student community, to serve as a channel of communication between graduate students, faculty and staff, and to foster professional development.

Learn more about the group and the plans for each school year at the Fall Welcome, which is held the first Friday of the Fall semester .

Meeting times will be announced via email.

Contact SNRGSA via email at

For more information visit the SNR GSA website.