Graduate Student Handbook

Assistantships - Termination


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patricia Swanson,, 229d South HARH EC 0982, Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Natural Resources Business Center HR Generalist - Leonita Masek,, 237i North HARH EC 0972, Phone: 402-472-0833

If, during the course of the semester, a student decides to leave the position, it is expected he/she will give 30-day notice. Likewise, if there is a need to terminate an assistantship, a student will be given 30-day notice. Students should be aware if their assistantship is terminated, either by themselves or the department, before completing 120 continuous days of employment (PER SEMESTER), all tuition and health benefits will be forfeited and the entire cost for those benefits will once again post to their student account. Should a student choose to resign from his/her assistantship, he/she must submit a letter of resignation to his/her supervisor, Graduate Studies, and NRBC. He/She may request a copy of the original signed offer letter from the Office Associate for Student Services.


  • Students must work with their adviser to establish a plan to transfer information, data, samples, files with data entry, as well as the raw data sheets and unanalyzed samples (and any other information as directed by your adviser). Also, given that a student may still be on the grant payroll for the month, he/she may be expected to complete any tasks that are in line with transferring duties over to other members of the lab or the research team.
  • Contact the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) HR Generalist regarding payroll information, forwarding address and phone, and to provide a letter of resignation.
  • Contact the Office Associate for Operations to return any Hardin Hall keys.
  • If applicable, return a parking permit to Parking and Transit Services for discontinuation and possible refund.
  • Return all University equipment/property/supplies/education materials.
  • Clean out your cubicle and return cubicle keys to the Graduate Admissions Coordinator.