Graduate Student Handbook

Advisors for Students

Choosing an advisor whose interests match your research goals is critical for the success of your work. SNR emphasizes the cooperative exchange between students and advisors in research programs while still giving advisors the overall responsibility for the direction and course of the student's research. Contact an SNR faculty member regarding your interest in our graduate program. Before you apply, you must receive the advising support of a faculty member who is a member of the Graduate Faculty (as recognized by the Office of Graduate Studies). This potential advisor is required to write a letter of approval for your application. Please note: this letter does not count toward your required letters of recommendation.

Changing Advisors

Advisor Leaves SNR

  • Prior to the departure of a student's advisor from the School, the student needs to secure an on-campus co-advisor or change to a different advisor.
  • Students are responsible for consulting with:
    • Members of their Graduate Advisory Committee,
    • The chair of the SNR Graduate Committee, and
    • The director of SNR to determine whether an on-campus co-adviser needs to be appointed.