Graduate Student Handbook

Web & Database Services and Initial Web Consultation


  • SNR Webmaster - Mark Mesarch,, 913 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-5904

SNR Web & Database Services


  • Setting up web sites on SNR Web Server using the UNL Templates.
  • Training of web developers of basics of UNL Templates and Dreamweaver web editing software.
  • Setting up SharePoint Collaboration web sites.
  • Maintaining existing web sites.
  • Setting up no-fee required registration sites.
  • Creating databases, actions to manipulate data, forms for entering data and reports of data
  • Creating simple tabular display or Google Map display of data from a database on web sites.


  • Projects directly related to SNR: No Fee
  • Projects by faculty/staff/students in SNR: $32.50/hour in increments of 15 minutes
  • Projects for sources outside of SNR: $40/hour in increments of 15 minutes

Sites directly related to SNR would be for example the SNR website, single page research profiles, SNR sponsored events such as NaturePalooza and Seminar Series. Sites/web pages that would require cost objects would be data distribution, class projects, outside events, center's informational or extended research project sites. Project designated by the SNR Director may be created at the no fee option.

Initial Web Consultation

Webpages and sites should be created with a specific goal and audience in mind. It should not be a place to simply post an existing pdf of an event. Also creating a webpage/site does not guarantee that the page/site will show up or be prominent in search engines (see below).

Below are some things to think about for the potential webpage/site before we meet:

  • What is the purpose of the page/site? If it is a multi-page site what is the purpose of each page. The user should not have to guess about it.
  • The web is meant to be visual. Use pictures/videos and sparingly use text.
  • Bulletize the content. Users scan the web. They do not read like when interacting with a newspaper or a journal article. (There are exceptions to this.)
  • Pick a few pictures that tell a story. They should be active. Group shots of meeting participants are not the most exciting pictures. They can be used for archival documentation but do not engage the web user.
  • Provide meaningful captions and credits for pictures.
  • Videos should be close captioned for ADA requirements.
  • Posters or flyers of the event can be links for downloads
  • Have a rough draft drawn of a suggest layout. Where are the pictures, content, special features etc. Having examples of other websites which do what you want your site to do is GREAT. Provide the other sites URLs.
  • How long does the information on the webpage/site need to be posted. How will it be updated if it is long term page/site?
  • Where does the site/page fit within the SNR Website navigation and/or organization, if appropriate?
  • You will need a written request to the UNL Domain group if you want a domain name other than "" We can use to create a shorter URL if necessary.

Search Engine Optimization

Google and other search engines user various metrics to determine how "high" on the list of search results your page/site will be found. There are some things we can do to pages to help but here are some of the things to remember:

  • Your page/site will rank higher as more external sites point to your site/page.
  • Important sites pointing to your site will have more weight in the ranking. Having Time or New York Times point at your site has more weight than the Lincoln Journal Star.
  • Fresh and updated material helps.