Graduate Student Handbook

Individual Memberships and Subscriptions

University Policy

  • No University funds (appropriated, grants, contracts, indirect cost recovers, or revolving) can be used to pay individual memberships in professional societies or organizations or to purchase personal subscriptions for journals or other periodicals.
  • University funds may be used to pay institutional membership in civic or professional organizations or to purchase institutional subscriptions for journals and other periodicals.
  • Unit, college, or University managed Foundation endowments that provide funds to faculty for support of research, teaching, outreach or service programs cannot be used for personal memberships or subscriptions.

SNR Policy

State, grant, indirect, foundation, or revolving funds cannot be used to purchase personal memberships in professional societies. Faculty members are permitted to use grant funds to purchase journals, monographs and books for "departmental" or "laboratory" use. The department/laboratory name must be on the journal/subscription and they must reside in the department/laboratory.

A faculty member can setup a foundation account for expenditures (research materials, graduate students, or equipment purchases) that will benefit their research, teaching, or outreach program/mission, but that CANNOT include any personal or professional memberships in the name of the person(s) who contribute tax-deductible dollars to the endowment fund.