Graduate Student Handbook

SNR Managers


  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs,, 908 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-8120

The SNR Managers oversee support services in the areas of administrative support, office/clerical support, cartography and graphics, communication, publication development, database development and maintenance, event planning, field and drilling services, GIS and remote sensing, recruitment, safety, sales and distribution, teaching assistance, employee training, and web development.

Customer Service Philosophy

Provide the highest quality of services to the administration, faculty and staff of the School of Natural Resources. Our primary customers are our faculty and staff. Our primary purpose is to assist them in meeting their needs and to focus on continuous improvement to find better ways to accomplish department goals. Recognize and understand problems and opportunities; find solutions and alternatives for responding to them. Create an encompassing network for communication and feedback.

Name Area Office Info
TBD Employee Hires and Separations 909 HarH, EC 0981
Jeremy Hiller Lab Safety 410 HarH, EC 0974
TBD GIS/Cartography 229f HarH, EC 0982
Jacki Loomis Sales, Event Planning, Clerical Support 121a HarH, EC 0961
Gregg Hutchison Computing/Networking 226 HarH, EC 0982
Matt Marxsen Drilling & Field Services 103 Survey Annex, EC
Mark Mesarch SNR Web/Database 913 HarH, EC 0989
Christine Steggs Policies, Procedures, Safety, Space 908 HarH, EC 0989
Sara Winn Student Services 102d HarH, EC 0981