Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Student - Mentoring Agreement


  • Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Graduate Programs - Emma Hazel,, 911 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-5355

This document represents an agreement reached between the graduate student and the faculty mentor/advisor regarding the structure of the working relationship during the student's working relationship with the professor. It should be developed collaboratively between the two parties.


  1. Students should print off a copy of the agreement form and set a meeting time for student and mentor.
  2. Student finalizes the form based on discussion.
  3. Student signs form.
  4. Student has mentor sign form.
  5. Student submits a copy of the form to Emma Hazel, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, SNR Graduate Programs, 911 South Hardin Hall, EC 0989.

Download Mentoring Agreement