Graduate Student Handbook



  • Event Manager - Jacqueline Loomis,, 121a South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Office Associate for Sales - Lisa Greif,, 101 South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-3679

On Campus Parking

There is no free parking on campus. If you will have a car, purchase your parking permit from Parking and Transit Services online or in person in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage. Parking permits are issued annually at the beginning of each academic year (Fall Semester) and are valid through the following August. However, per semester, month, and day are also options. A map of available student lots can be at

There is no free parking on campus. If you wish to park your car on campus, purchase your parking permit from Parking and Transit Services online or in person in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage. Parking permits are issued annually at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) and are valid through the following June. Faculty on 9-month appointments may purchase a 9 month permit which is valid during the Fall and Spring semesters. A map of available lots can be at

Parking and Transit Services can issue temporary handicap parking permits. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can help with longer terms special parking needs; contact the Equity, Access, and Diversity Programs office to setup an accommodation.

If you are driving a rental car or other vehicle and are using your hangtag to park on campus, be sure to register that vehicle with Parking and Transit Services.

A free bus pass (valid for both campus and city bus systems) is also available for all registered students.

Service and Delivery Permits

Service Delivery Permits are available for occasional use by faculty, staff, and students for business purposes only. The Service Delivery Permits are valid in the following University parking areas only if placed in a vehicle with a valid University of Nebraska - Lincoln parking permit (other than "P" permits): City and East Campus Area A, any Service and Delivery spaces and spaces marked for the use of our department. Check out Service Delivery Permits at the Nebraska Maps & More Store.

Off Campus Parking

Street parking available on the streets surrounding East Campus. When parking in the neighborhoods be courteous to those in the neighborhood. Watch for snow emergency information following snow storms.


Remember to register your bicycle, if you plan to bike to campus. Secure bikes only on bike racks.


Guests/Visitors, persons other than students, employees, and vendor/contractors who occasionally visit UNL for scholarly work, pleasure, or business, may park in the designated Visitor Parking. If no Visitor Parking spaces are available, visitors may park in unmarked spaces and obtain a Departmental Guest Permit from the Office Associate for Operations in the Nebraska Maps & More Store.

If you are hosting an event which may have more than five visiting vehicles, you must request Conference Permits, available for $8.00 each from UNL Parking & Transit Services. See the Sales & Event Manager for assistance with Conference Permit orders.

Parking permits from UNK, UNO, and UNMC may be used on the UNL Campus. However, any University of Nebraska faculty, staff, and students who are primarily assigned to the UNL campus must purchase a permit from UNL's Parking & Transit Services Office and may not use permits from other campuses.

State of Nebraska vehicles do not need parking permits to park on campus and may park in any unmarked or non-metered spaces. Government vehicles (except State of Nebraska vehicles) require Departmental Guest Permits to park on campus or may park and pay in a metered space.

For additional information see the Parking & Transit Services website.

East Campus Weekend Parking

Parking Services does not monitor University parking lots on East Campus after 4 p.m. on Fridays through 7 a.m. on Mondays. You may park an unregistered or non-permitted car on campus during those times.

Even though the lots are not monitored, all departments on East Campus are to provide event/parking information to Andrew Lowe in the Vice Chancellor's office via a Weekend Events Log (see below) at least 10 days before a scheduled event. The Vice Chancellor's office will provide that information to the Special Events staff in Parking and Transit Services. If the event is within 10 days, the department is still required to complete/submit the log form. If the special event on the UNL East Campus requires more than parking space (i.e., parking attendants, reserved parking or covered meters), the unit hosting the event will be responsible for paying the additional costs.

If SNR Event Planning staff is working with you on an event, they will complete/submit the log for you. If you are not working through SNR Event Planning staff, you are responsible for completing and submitting the form.

Download Weekend Parking Log