Undergraduate Student Handbook

Go Green - reduce, reuse, recycle!


  • Sales and Events Manager - Jacqueline Loomis, jloomis3@unl.edu, 121a South HARH EC 0961, Phone: 402-472-7550
  • Surplus Inventory Notification - Karen Gilbert, kgilbert5@unl.edu, 914 South HARH EC 0989, Phone: 402-472-8197

Environmental stewardship, preservation, and sustainability are important in SNR. We participate in recycling and energy conservation programs.


Unwanted equipment, books, etc., are to be reused within the department whenever possible. If we cannot find a new use and the item was purchased with University funds, it must be sent to Inventory. Complete the Surplus Equipment Pickup form, and send to Inventory Coordinator.

Download Surplus Equipment Pickup Form


Full-service All in the Hall stations are located in lobbies, hallways and near conference and classrooms throughout Hardin Hall. Full-service Office Paper only stations are located at each copy machine. You are responsible for taking the landfill (garbage) and recyclable materials that you generate to a full-service station.

You can have self-service landfill (garbage) and recycling containers in your offices, work areas and labs. UNL Custodial Services will not provide any service to these containers. You will service them yourself by taking the materials you generated to one of the stations. Graduate students can contact the Nebraska Maps & More Store to request containers for their workstations. Secure, locked containers are located in the basement tower for material to be shredded prior to recycling.

Most waste items commonly produced at UNL are accepted in the stations. Instructional signage is located at each station, see SNR's graphic. The stations accept paper, plastic & aluminum, flattened cardboard (place behind station) and landfill (garbage). Items should be clean, dry, and free of food or other non-recyclable waste. UNL Custodial Services staff will monitor the full-service stations, if a container is full you should contact the UNL Facilities Service Desk by calling (402) 472-1550.

Additional information and program contact: https://recycling.unl.edu/all-in-the-hall-recycling-program

Thank you for being green!

Contact the Sales and Events Manager with questions.