Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring Network

The program collects groundwater-level information from a network of 58 automated observation wells, which take depth to water readings, upload information to the internet, and map water-level changes on an hourly basis. Click an icon for site specific information.

0-20%   0 20-40%   20 40-60%   40 60-80%   60 80-100%   80
Malfunctioning  Well Malfunctioning Discontinued  Well Discontinued

Icon colors represent the percent deviation between the reading taken during the last hour, and the long-term average of a particular site.

The project entitled "An Integrated Real-Time Groundwater-Level Monitoring Network to support Drought Impact Assessment and Mitigation Programs" is funded through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency.



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This data is collected, administered, and provided as a public service by the Conservation and Survey Division.