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Terry Loecke

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Contact Information

TitleAssistant Scienctist
Faculty RankAdjunct Assistant Professor
Address Off Campus
  • office: 785.864.2830


Selected Publications

Smyth, A., Loecke, T., Franz, T., Burgin, A. (2018). Using high-frequency soil oxygen sensors to predict greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 128: 182-192.Online
Franz, T., Loecke, Burgin, Zhou, Y., Le, T., Moscicki (2017). Spatio-temporal predictions of soil properties and states in variably saturated landscapes. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 122(7), 1576-1596.Online
Loecke, T., Burgin, A., Riveros Iregui, D., Thomas, S., Ward, A., Davis, C., St.Clair, M. (2017). Weather whiplash in agricultural regions drives deterioration of water quality. Biogeochemistry, 133(1), 7-15.Online
Reynolds, K. N., Loecke, T. D., Burgin, A. J., Davis, C. A., Riveros - Iregui, D., Thomas, S., St Clair, M. A., Ward, A. S. 2016. Optimizing sampling strategies for riverine nitrate using high-frequency data in agricultural watersheds. Environmental ScienOnline
Davis, C., Ward, A., Burgin, A., Loecke, T., Riveros Iregui, D., Schnoebelen, D., Just, C., Thomas, S., Weber, L., St.Clair, M. (2014). Antecedent moisture controls on stream nitrate flux in an agricultural watershed, Clear Creek, Iowa. Journal of Environ


Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/ 2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/ 2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant TitleNovel VNIR spectroscopy for soil carbon stock assessment and high resolution vertical soil sensing
Starting Date07/01/2015


Ending Date06/30/2018
Funding Level$48,000.00
Funding AgencyAgricultural Research Division Graduate Research Assistant Support


Grant TitleCan Improving Predictions of Soil Oxygen Dynamics Increase Understanding of Greenhouse Gas Hotspots and Hot Moments
Starting Date06/01/2015


Ending Date05/31/2018
Funding Level$445,429.00
Funding AgencyNational Science Foundation


Grant TitleDissolved Gasses for NEON (additional funding)
Starting Date10/01/2014


Ending Date09/30/2015
Funding Level$21,955.00
Funding AgencyNEON, Inc.


Grant TitleSoil Carbon for Climate Change
Starting Date09/15/2014


Ending Date09/30/2016
Funding Level$165,000.00
Funding AgencyUS Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service


Grant TitleDissolved Gasses for NEON
Starting Date08/04/2014


Ending Date09/30/2014
Funding Level$7,490.00
Funding AgencyNEON, Inc.


Grant TitleRAPID: Using Drought-enhanced Nitrate Pulse to Understand Stream N Retention and Processing
Starting Date10/01/2012


Ending Date09/30/2013
Funding Level$198,949.00
Funding AgencyNational Science Foundation



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