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Ron Case

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Contact Information

TitleEmeritus Professor
Faculty RankProfessor Emeritus
Address101 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-3471


Selected Publications

Beecher, N. A., R. J. Johnson, J. R. Brandle, R. M. Case, L. J. Young 2002. Agroecology of birds in organic and nonorganic farmland. Conservation Biology. 16:1629-1631 (Journal Series Number:12644)
Johnson, R.J., Brandle, N.J., Sunderman, R.L., Beecher, N.A., Case, R.M., Dix, M.E., Young, L.J., Harrell, M.O., Wright, R.J., Hodges, L. 1998. Wildlife as natural enemies of crop pests. Proceedings National Extension Wildlife and Fish Specialist Workshop
Johnson, R.J., Brandle, J.R., Sunderman, N.J., Fitzmaurice, R.L., Beecher, N.A., Case, R.M., Dix, M.E., Young, L., Harrel, M.O., Wright, Hodge, L. 1996. "Wildlife as Natural Enemies of Crop Pests" in Educational Challenges for the 21st Century. ProceedingOnline
Dix M.E., R.J. Johnson, M.O.Harrell, R.M. Case, R.J.Wright, L. Hodges, J.R. Brandle, M.M. Schoenberger, N.J. Sunderman, R.L.Fitzmaurice, L.J. Young, and Hubbard K.G. 1995. Influences of trees on abundance of natural enemies of insect pests: a review. AgroOnline
Hodges, L., Dix, M.E., Brandle, J.R., Harrell, M.O., Wright, R.J., Johnson, R.J., Case, R.M., Hubbard, K.G., Young, L.J., Fitzmaurice, R.L., Sunderman, N.J., Schoeneberger, M.M. 1995. Trees on the Great Plains: Agro-Ecosystem Diversity. Women in Natural ROnline
Case, R.M., Stubbendieck, J., Hygnstrom, S.E., Virchow, D.R. 1987. Pocket Gophers and Their Control. [Brochure]. Lincoln, NE. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.




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Doc Elliot AwardNebraska Alumni Association2018


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  • Applied Ecology