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Contact Information

TitleRangeland Ecology and Management Fire Ecology
Faculty RankCourtesy Associate Professor
Address308 Keim Hall
1825 North 38th Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-2811


Selected Publications

Fill, C., Allen, C.R., Benson, J.F., Twidwell, D. 2021. Roost Use and Movements of Northern Long-Eared Bats in a Southeast Nebraska Agricultural Landscape. American Midland Naturalist. 185:241-248.Online
Angeler, D., Allen, C., Twidwell, D., Winder, M. 2019. Discontinuity analysis reveals alternative community regimes during phytoplankton succession. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7, 139.Online
Angeler, D., Fried-Petersen, H. B., Allen, C., Garmestani, A., Twidwell, D., Chuang, W.-C., Donovan, V. M., Eason, T., Roberts, C., Sundstrom, S., Wonkka, C. 2019. Adaptive capacity in ecosystems. Advances in Ecological Research. 60:1-24.Online
Arterburn, J., Twidwell, D., Wonkka, C., Schacht, W., Wedin, D. A. 2019. Restoring fire-grazer interactions to pursue heterogeneity in Sandhills prairie. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 7:365.Online
Donovan, V. M., Roberts, C., Wonkka, C., Wedin, D. A., Twidwell, D. 2019. Ponderosa pine regeneration, wildland fuels management, and habitat conservation: Identifying trade-offs following wildfire. Forests. 10(3),286.Online
Garmestani, A., Ruhl, J., Chaffin, B. C., Craig, R. K., van Rijswick, H. F., Angeler, D., Folke, C., Gunderson, L., Twidwell, D., Allen, C. 2019. Untapped capacity for resilience in environmental law. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(4Online
Keele, E. C., Donovan, V. M., Roberts, C. P., Nodskov, S. M., Wonkka, C. L., Allen, C., Powell, L. A., Wedin, D. A., Angeler, D. G., Twidwell, D. 2019. Relationships Between Wildfire Burn Severity, Cavity-Nesting Bird Assemblages, and Habitat in an EasterOnline
Roberts, C., Allen, C., Angeler, D., Twidwell, D. (2019). Shifting avian spatial regimes in a changing climate. Nature Climate Change, 9(7), 562.Online
Roberts, C., Twidwell, D., Angeler, D., Allen, C. (2019). How do ecological resilience metrics relate to community stability and collapse? Ecological Indicators, 107, 105552.Online
Twidwell, D., Wonkka, C., Wang, H.-H., Grant, W. E., Allen, C., Fuhlendorf, S. D., Garmestani, A. S., Angeler, D., Taylor, Jr, C. A., Kreuter, U. P., others 2019. Coerced resilience in fire management. Journal of Environmental Management, 240, 368--373.Online
Uden, D., Twidwell, D., Allen, C., Jones, M. O., Naugle, D. E., Maestas, J. D., Allred, B. W. 2019. Spatial Imaging and Screening for Regime Shifts. Front. Ecol. Evol. 29.Online
Angeler, D., Allen, C., Garmestani, A., Pope, K. L., Twidwell, D., Bundschuh, M. (2018). Resilience in environmental risk and impact assessment: concepts and measurement. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 101, 543-548.
Donovan, V. M., Roberts, C. P., Wonkka, C., Wedin, D. A., Twidwell, D. (2018). Post-fire management alters structural and community characteristics of eastern ponderosa pine forest. Canadian Institute of Forestry.
Donovan, V., Burnett, J., Bielski, C., Birge, H., Twidwell, D., Allen, C. (2018). Social–ecological landscape patterns predict woody encroachment from native tree plantings in a temperate grassland. Ecology and Evolution.
Raynor IV, E., Griffith, C., Twidwell, D., Schacht, W., Wonkka, C., Roberts, C., Bielski, C., Debinkski, D., Miller, J. (2018). The Emergence of Heterogeneity in a tall fescue-dominated prairie: a matter of scale detection. Landscape Ecology, 12.
Roberts, C., Sundstrom, S., Burnett, J., Twidwell, D., Angeler, D., Allen, C. (2018). Enhancing quantitative approaches for assessing community resilience. Journal of Environmental Management, 213, 353-362.
Roberts, C., Twidwell, D., Burnett, J., Sundstrom, S., Angeler, D., Allen, C. (2018). Early warnings for state transitions. Rangeland Ecology and Management.
Roberts, C., Uden, D., Allen, C., Twidwell, D. (2018). Doublethink and scale mismatch polarize policies for an invasive tree. PLoS One, 13, e0189733.
Twidwell, D., Wonkka, C., Bielski, C., Allen, C., Angeler, D., Powell, L. A., Roberts, C. (2018). The perpetual state of emergency that sacrifices protected areas in a changing climate. Conservation Biology.
Allen, C., Angeler, D. G., Fontaine, J. J., Garmestani, A. S., Hart, N. M., Pope, K. L., Twidwell, D. (2017). Adaptive management of rangeland ecosystems. In D. D. Briske (Ed.), Rangeland systems: processes, management and challenges (pp. 373-394). New YOnline
Beachly, E., Higgins, J., Laney, C., Elbaum, S., Detweiler, C., Allen, C., Twidwell., D. (2017). A micro-UAS to start prescribed fires. International Symposium on Experimental Robotics.Online
Wonkka, C. L., Twidwell, D., Bielski, C. H., Allen, C., Stambaugh, M. C. (2017). Regeneration and invasion of cottonwood riparian forest following wildlfire. Restoration Ecology, 10.Online
Allen, C., Angeler, D., Twidwell Jr, D. 2016. Quantifying spatial resilience. Journal of Applied Ecology. 53:625-635.Online
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Wonkka, C., Twidwell Jr, D., Franz, T., Taylor Jr., C. A., Rogers, W. E. 2016. Persistence of a Severe Drought Increases Desertification but not Woody Dieback in Semiarid Savanna. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 69: 491-498.Online
Keele, E. C., Donovan, V. M., Roberts, C. P., Nodskov, S. M., Wonkka, C. L., Allen, C., Powell, L. A., Wedin, D. A., Angeler, D. G., Twidwell, D. (in press). Relationships Between Wildfire Burn Severity, Cavity-Nesting Bird Assemblages, and Habitat in an


Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/ 2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/ 2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant TitleImproving Performance of Grasslands Conservation Investments
Starting Date10/01/2019


Ending Date10/31/2022
Funding Level$151,800.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Games and Parks Commission


Grant TitleRII Track - 2 FEC: Resilience Informatics for the Convergence of Critical Capacities to Address Regional-Scale Environmental Change
Starting Date08/01/2019


Ending Date07/31/2023
Funding Level$1,964,386.00
Funding AgencyNational Science Foundation


Grant TitleBat Resilience in Ag Landscapes (Additional Funding)
Starting Date07/02/2019


Ending Date09/30/2020
Funding Level$21,800.00
Funding AgencyNational Park Service


Grant TitleGlobal Change, Vulnerability and Resilience: Management Options for an Uncertain Future (Additional Funding)
Starting Date03/12/2019


Ending Date09/25/2019
Funding Level$175,722.00
Funding AgencyUS Department of Defense


Grant TitleNE/WY Bat Conservation and Recovery
Starting Date02/01/2019


Ending Date01/31/2021
Funding Level$240,000.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Games and Park Commission


Grant TitleGlobal Change, Vulnerability and Resilience: Management Options for an Uncertain Future (Additional Funding)
Starting Date07/13/2018


Ending Date09/25/2019
Funding Level$91,281.00
Funding AgencyU. S. Department of Defense - Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program


Courses Taught

Course NumberCourse TitleFall Even YearsFall Odd YearsSpring Even YearsSpring Odd YearsSummer SessionCross Listing
NRES 440/840Great Plains EcosystemsNRES 440/840; RNGE 440
NRES 444/844Ecosystems Monitoring and AssessmentXXAGRO/GRAS/RNGE 444/844