Yi Qi

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Contact Information

TitleSpatial Scientist
Faculty RankAssistant Professor
Address315 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-8195
  • fax: 402-472-2946
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Selected Publications

Dashti, H., Glenn, N.F., Ustin, S., Mitchell, J.J., Qi, Y., Ilangakoon, N.T., Flores, A.N., Silván-Cárdenas, J.L., Zhao, K., Spaete, L.P., & Graaff, M.d. (2019). Empirical Methods for Remote Sensing of Nitrogen in Drylands May Lead to Unreliable InterprOnline
Qi, Y., Ustin, S., & Glenn, N. (2018). Imaging Spectroscopic Analysis of Biochemical Traits for Shrub Species in Great Basin, USA. Remote Sensing, 10, 1621-1632
Yi Q., Dennison P. E., Jolly M.W., Kropp R.C., Riano, D. (2016) Seasonal relationships between foliar moisture content, heat content and biochemistry of Lodgepole Pine and Big Sagebrush Foliage. International Journal of Wildland Fire25 (5): 574-578.Online
Yi Q., Dennison P. E., Jolly M.W., Kropp R.C., Brewer S.C. (2014) Spectroscopic Analysis of Seasonal Changes in Live Fuel Moisture Content and Leaf Dry Mass. Remote Sensing of Environment 150: 198-206.Online
Dennison, P.E., A.K. Thorpe, E.R. Pardyjak, D.A. Roberts, Y.Qi, R.O. Green, E.S. Bradley, and C.C. Funk. (2013) High spatial resolution mapping of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide using airborne imaging spectroscopy: Radiative transfer modeling and powOnline



DegreeMajorInstitutionYear Awarded
Doctorate of PhilosophyGeogrpahyUniversity of Utah2014
Master of ScienceGeographyNorthern Illinois University2008
Bachelor of EngineeringGeographic Information SystemsChina University of Geosciences, Wuhan2004






SNR Program Areas

  • Applied Climate and Spatial Science


Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/ 2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/ 2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant TitleNebraskaView Program Development and Operations (Additional)
Starting Date11/17/2020


Ending Date09/17/2021
Funding Level$23,500.00
Funding AgencyUS Department of Interior-AmericaView


Grant TitleSpatial Analysis of Health Care Accessibility and Usage in NE
Starting Date07/01/2020


Ending Date06/30/2021
Funding Level$29,834.00
Funding AgencyInternal


Grant TitleDeveloping a Statewide Community Tree Canopy Map in Nebraska
Starting Date06/29/2020


Ending Date06/30/2021
Funding Level$51,507.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Evironmental Trust


Grant TitleNebraska Farmers and Farmland Owners Attitudes of Targeted Conservation
Starting Date06/29/2020


Ending Date06/30/2021
Funding Level$104,971.00
Funding AgencyNebraska Evironmental Trust


Grant TitleAssessing the Utility of Remote Sensing for Emerald Ash Borer Detection
Starting Date03/10/2020


Ending Date05/10/2020
Funding Level$24,768.00
Funding AgencyCity of Lincoln NE


Grant TitleNE NCCPI to Crop Yield Relationship
Starting Date09/30/2019


Ending Date09/30/2022
Funding Level$15,396.00
Funding AgencyUSDA/NRCS



Graduate Programs

Master of Applied Science

Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences
including specializations in

  • Applied Ecology
  • Bio-Atmospehric Interactions
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Remote Sensing

Doctorate of Philosophy in Natural Resource Sciences
including specializations in

  • Applied Ecology
  • Bio-Atmospehric Interactions

Courses Taught

Course NumberCourse TitleFall Even YearsFall Odd YearsSpring Even YearsSpring Odd YearsSummer SessionCross Listing
NRES 415/815GIS for Agriculture and Natural ResourcesXX