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Cody Smith

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Contact Information

TitlePost-Doctoral Research Associate
Faculty RankPost-Doctoral Research Associate
Address502 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
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Selected Publications

Butts C.L., Spisla, D.L., Adams J.D., Smith C.R., Paulsen K.M., Caldwell A.R., Ganio M.S., McDermott B.P. (2018). Effectiveness of ice-sheet cooling following exertional hyperthermia. Military Medicine, 182(9-10), e1951-e1957.
McDermott B.P., Smith C.R., Butts C.L., Caldwell A.R., Lee E.C., Vingren J.L., Munoz C.X., Williamson K.H., Ganio M.S., Armstrong L.A. (2018). Renal stress and kidney injury biomarkers in response to endurance cycling in the heat with and without ibuprofen. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 21(12), 1180-1184.
Smith C.R., Butts C.L., Adams J.D., Tucker M.A., Moyen N.E., Ganio M.S., McDermott B.P. (2018). Effect of a novel cooling kit on perceptual, physiological, and performance parameters following exercise in the heat. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 27, 413-418.
Butts C.L., Torretta, M.L., Smith C.R., Petway, A.J., McDermott, B.P. (2017). Effects of a phase change cooling garment during exercise in the heat. European Journal of Sport Science, 17(8): 1065-1073.
Butts C.L., Luhring K.E., Smith C.R., Tucker M.A., Moyen N.E., Ganio M.S., McDermott B.P. (2016). Effects of mild hypohydration on cooling during cold water immersion following exertional hyperthermia. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116, 687-695.
Butts C.L., Smith C.R., Ganio M.S., McDermott B.P. (2016). Physiological and perceptual effects of a cooling garment during simulated industrial work in the heat. Applied Ergonomics, 59, 442-448.
Luhring K.E., Butts C.L., Smith C.R., Bonacci J.A., Ylanan R., McDermott B.P. (2016). Cooling effectiveness of modified cold-water immersion method following exercise induced hyperthermia. Journal of Athletic Training, 51(11), 946-951.



DegreeMajorInstitutionYear Awarded
Doctorate of PhilosophyScience EducationNorth Carolina State University2019
Master of ScienceKinesiologyUniversity of Arkansas2016
Bachelor of ScienceKinesiologyUniversity of Arkansas2009




SNR Program Areas

  • Applied Ecology