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David Keiter

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Contact Information

DegreeDoctorate of Philosophy in Natural Resource Sciences with a specialization in Applied Ecology
Address243c North Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • fax: 402-472-2946
Advisor(s)John Benson


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Selected Publications

K.D. Eckert, D.A. Keiter, and J.C. Beasley. 2019. Animal visitation to wild pig (Sus scrofa) wallows and potential implications for disease transmission. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 55(2):488-493.Online
Keiter, D. A., Benson, J. 2019. Implications of a Beaver Pelt Lining the Natal Chamber of a Wolf Den. Implications of a Beaver Pelt Lining the Natal Chamber of a Wolf Den, 26(4), 3.Online
Keiter, D.A. and R.E. Ruzicka. 2017. Predators visits to acclimatization pens: Implications for “soft-release” of gallinaceous birds. Oryx :1-6. Online
Keiter, D.A., A.J. Davis, O.E. Rhodes Jr., F.L. Cunningham, J.C. Kilgo, K.M. Pepin, and J.C. Beasley. 2017. Effects of scale of movement, detection probability, and true population density on common methods of estimating population density. Scientific RepOnline
Keiter, D.A., and J.C. Beasley. 2017. Hog heaven? Challenges of managing introduced wild pigs in natural areas. Natural Areas Journal 37(1):6-16. Online
Keiter, D.A., J.C. Kilgo, M.A. Vukovich, F.L. Cunningham, and J.C. Beasley. 2017. Development of known-fate survival monitoring techniques for juvenile wild pigs (Sus scrofa). Wildlife Research 44(2):165-173.Online
Keiter, D.A., F.L. Cunningham, O.E. Rhodes Jr., B.J. Irwin, and J.C. Beasley. 2016. Optimization of scat detection methods for a social ungulate, the wild pig, and experimental evaluation of factors affecting detection of scat. PLoS ONE 11(5): e0155615. Online
Keiter, D.A., J.J. Mayer, and J.C. Beasley. 2016. What is in a “common” name? A call for consistent terminology for nonnative Sus scrofa. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40(2):384-387.Online
Kierepka, E.M., S.D. Unger, D.A. Keiter, J.C. Beasley, O.E. Rhodes Jr., F.L. Cunningham, and A.J. Piaggio. 2016. Identification of robust microsatellite markers for wild pig fecal DNA. Journal of Wildlife Management 80(6):1120-1128. Online



Professional Organizations

The Wildlife SocietyAssociate Wildlife Biologist