Katia Carranza

Katia Carranza

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Contact Information

DegreeMaster of Science in Natural Resource Sciences with a specialization in Applied Ecology
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Advisor(s)Gwendŵr Meredith
Craig Allen


My Story

Katia Pilar Carranza is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences with Dr. Craig Allen and Dr. Gwendwr Meredith. Katia obtained her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology from Beloit College. Katia is committed to improving the reciprocal interconnections between people and nature for equity, resilience, and sustainability. Her current research focuses on assessing how Indigenous science, ecosystem services, and pyric herbivory can advance socioecological resilience in rangelands. Since Katia learned about the sustainability issues causing climate change, she has contributed to transdisciplinary initiatives focused on improving the environmental and social impacts of her communities. Her broad research and career interests are in sustainability, resilience, climate change, agroecology, biodiversity, trophic interactions, succession, restoration, and conservation with applications in participatory research, community-driven land management, Indigenous science, and payments for ecosystem services.