Jeremy Hiller

Jeremy Hiller

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Contact Information

TitleResearch Manager
Address410 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
  • office: 402-472-2093
  • fax: 402-472-2946


Office Hours

M - F 8 am to 5 pm

Selected Publications

Mazis, A., Fowler, J.A., Hiller, J., Zhou, Y., Wardlow, B., Wedin, D.A., Awada, T. 2021. Ecophysio-optical traits of semiarid Nebraska grasslands under different Juniperus virginiana and Pinus ponderosa canopy covers. Ecological Indicators 131 (2021) 108159. doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2021.108159Online
Mazis, T., Awada, T. N., Fowler, J., Hiller, J., Zhou, Y., Wardlow, B., Wedin, D. A. (2021). Changes in Ecophysio-Optical Traits of Semiarid Nebraska Grasslands with Juniperus virginiana and Pinus ponderosa Encroachment. Ecological Indicators, 131. Online
Bumann, E., Awada T., Wardlow B., Hayes M., Okalebo J., Helzer C., Mazis A., J. Hiller J., and Cherubini, P. 2019. Assessing Responses of Betula papyrifera to Climate Variability in a Remnant Population along the Niobrara River Valley in Nebraska through Online
Aus Der Au, R., Awada, T. N., Battipaglia, G., Hiller, J., Saurer, M., Cherubini, P. (2018). Tree Rings of Pinus ponderosa and Juniperus virginiana Show Different Responses to Stand Density and Water Availability in the Nebraska Grasslands. Tree Rings of
Msanne, J., Awada, T. N., Bryan, N., Schacht, W., Drijber, R., Li, Y., Zhou, X., Okalebo, J., Wedin, D. A., Brandle, J. R., Hiller, J. (2017). Ecophysiological responses of native invasive woody Juniperus virginiana L. to resource availability and stand cOnline
Wang, T., Wedin, D. A., Franz, T., Hiller, J. (2015). Effect of vegetation on the temporal stability of soil moisture in grass-stabilized semi-arid sand dunes. Journal of Hydrology. 521: 447-459.Online
Hiller, T., Tyre, R. (2014). Comparison of Two Age-Estimation Techniques for Cougars. Northwestern Naturalist, 95(2), 77-82.Online
Brandle, J.R., Hiller, J.T., Wilson, C.B., Klopfenstein, T.J. 2005. Tree Growth and Cattle Weight Gain in a Ponderosa Pine System. Nebraska 2005 Beef Cattle Report. pp. 21-24.Online



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