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Faculty Spotlight: Rezaul Mahmood

5/16/2024 –    Continue the story
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Climate center's online tool strengthens understanding of wind trends

3/14/2024 – Nebraskans know wind. The Plains region is known for the fierce spirit of its winds, from ceaseless high-plains howlers to rampaging tornadoes to dangerous snow-blown whiteouts.   Continue the story
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Husker faculty, NASA pursue partnerships on Midwest climate resilience

3/7/2024 – A Husker conference co-sponsored with NASA has kickstarted the effort to create multi-institution partnerships to help the Midwest address climate-related concerns such as drought, extreme wind events and floods.   Continue the story
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Planning for climate change isn't easy. The complexity of the issue itself is hard to digest, let alone translate into action items. A suite of tools designed by a group of University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers gives municipal planners a clearer climate picture of what to expect and prepare for.

The project provides climate data in a variety of forms, including historical trends and future projections, for a range of climate variables. The potentially greatest display of that information comes in the form of the "Sister City" tool.

IANR Vice Chancellor Mike Boehm speaks with KRVN about the Climate for Cities project.


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CropWatch is a central resource for University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension information on crop production and pest management. It is written by Extension Educators and Specialists and produced by IANR Media in the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Useful to Usable

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This project focused on improving the usability of climate information for agricultural production in the Midwestern United States. A diverse team of biophysical and social scientists from nine Midwestern universities spent six years working with the agricultural community to develop climate-based decision support tools and resources to enhance farm resilience to a variable and changing climate.

Weather Ready Nebraska

Weather Ready Farms

Through programs and resources that focus on identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing actions. Nebraska Extension is committed to helping agricultural producers, businesses, and communities increase resiliency in the face of hard times related to weather.

Specific information with quick fact infographs can be found for Dormancy Breaks, Drought, Frost and Winter Desiccation.