REEU FACT: Research and Science Communication Skills

REEU FACT: Research and Science Communication Skills

Collaborator(s): Doug Golick, Jenny Dauer, Gary Brewer, Troy Anderson

The goal of our REEU program is:

  1. teach and nurture interest in science
  2. to teach the students how to communicate science to scientists and the public through training and hands-on experiences
  3. foster skills in students for developing extension education materials including innovative uses of online apps, social media, and other technological tools to reach broad audiences
  4. to significantly impact the career decisions of these students by providing academic research experiences and field trips to businesses and organization engaged in research and extension around beneficial insects.

Students will engage in research and extension opportunities focused on beneficial arthropods in agroecosystems (bees, butterflies, beetles), pest control (natural enemies), nutrient cycling (dung beetles, soil dwellers), and biological indicators (aquatic insects) of the quality of our environmental surroundings.

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