NRES 260 - Intro to Conservation Photography

NRES 260 is a hands-on course that introduces students to photography in the field of conservation and natural resources.

Students will learn:

  • the history and ethics of conservation photography
  • photography tools and techniques
  • how to build a conservation photography project
  • post processing tools & techniques
  • field techniques
  • various communication methods

The goal is to walk away from this course with a well-developed photo essay, presentation, and written story that conveys a message in the field of natural resources or conservation. This includes finding, pitching, and executing a conservation photography essay from start to finish.

The Fall 2022 class was taught by Mariah Lundgren and Brooke Talbott with graduate teaching assistant Carlee Koehler. The Fall 2023 class will be taught by Mariah Lundgren, Carlee Koehler, and Dakota Altman. All are part of the Platte Basin Timelapse project.