William L. Baxter Fisheries and Wildlife Scholarship

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The William L. Baxter Fisheries and Wildlife Scholarship was created in honor of the donor's late father, who passed away in 2007.

"My father spent his entire life and career dedicated to wildlife management," said Bill Baxter. "When looking at several ways to continue to his work and legacy, my family and I felt it would be quite important to establish a scholarship in the same areas of his lifelong interest at UNL, his alma mater."

The scholarship is for Fisheries and Wildlife students with a preference for students interested in wildlife management.


After graduating from the university, William L. Baxter went on to a storied 37-year career as a wildlife biologist at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He was a lifelong advocate for wildlife and habitat management.

"Throughout my lifetime, my fondest memories of time spent with my father are those where we could experience his expertise and management practices that he employed on our 320-acre Saline County farm," Bill said.

The family farm, located near Tobias, Nebraska, was always a kind of "outdoor laboratory," Bill said. In 2007 and a few following years, more than 70 kids have visited the farm to engage with nature through hunting and wildlife management activities.

"Dad wanted the farm to be an outdoor workshop," Bill said. "Our family shares the views of my father, of being able to pay it forward with opportunities such as the scholarship fund, (and) helping those students who really want to make this area the focus of their academic training and the building of their expertise as they develop their careers. My hope is that this scholarship could not only be a legacy in honor of my father, but one that could also be endorsed and advocated by the future generations of our family."

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