The Platte Basin Timelapse (PBT) Project

The Platte Basin Timelapse (PBT) Project

Collaborator(s): Mike Forsberg, John (Mike) Farrell

With this project, we seek to tell the story of the 90,000 square-mile Platte River Basin through photography, videography and the written word. Since 2011, over 60 time-lapse cameras have been placed throughout the basin, from its headwaters along the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rockies to the river’s confluence with the Missouri River on Nebraska’s eastern border. Each camera tells a portion of the story of how water makes its nearly 900-mile journey through the heart of North America.

The PBT team creates innovative multimedia content to tell the myriad stories of the Platte: web-based journalism, combining art and research, STEM-based educational curriculum for middle and high school science students, and a documentary film for public television. There is much more to come as PBT joins the School of Natural Resources this summer.

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