Watershed Science Education Collaboration

Watershed Science Education Collaboration

Collaborator(s): Troy Gilmore, Erin Ingram, Jesse Korus, Katie Pekarek, Lisa Pennisi, Megan Taylor

In partnership with Nebraska Extension, UNL's Conservation and Survey Division, and Nebraska’s Natural Resource Districts (NRDs), the Nebraska Collaborative for Food, Energy, and Water Education (NC-FEW) is supporting development of a watershed science curriculum. The content of the web-based training modules will include basic instruction in the areas of groundwater, surface water, and groundwater-surface water interactions. The overall goal for the Watershed Science Curriculum is to inform and educate natural resources policy makers about watershed science so that they can make informed decisions. The training program will be designed to meet the demands of learners with widely varying educational backgrounds and demographics, and will provide an additional source of training beyond what NRD staff members can provide alone. These resources can be found at NebraskaWaves (https://nebraskawaves.org/).

The Watershed Science Training Program will be ideally suited for Natural Resources District Board Members and Staff. Additional audiences for the curriculum may include water resources managers in other states and countries, citizens in Nebraska, policy makers (e.g., NE legislators and/or staff), commissioners (e.g., Natural Resources Commissioners, Public Service Commission), community leaders, and water/irrigation district personnel.

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