Robert & Karla Baltzell Student Innovation Award

Awards Given

  • Possibly multiple per year

Established in 2016 with a gift from Robert and Karla Baltzell and a matching contribution from the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, the Robert and Karla Baltzell Student Innovator Fund aims to provide research support to students studying critical questions at the intersection of water and livestock, animal feed and/or crops.Mr. Baltzell spent his professional career supplying ingredients to the livestock feed and pet food nutrition businesses.More recently, Mr. Baltzell has been involved with Sirius Solutions, a company licensed to sell Viriditec, an ozone nanobubble technology used in hard surface sanitation and food processing which results in a totally green waste stream of water. Mr. and Mrs. Baltzell currently reside in Elkhorn, NE and are interested in helping future generations address big questions in agriculture and water management.

Funds may be used for student hourly pay, research supplies, travel associated with research, and/or presenting research findings at a professional meeting.

Application needs to be in before completion of project.


  • Full-time undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Pursuing research in the area of livestock, animal feed and/or crops and their intersection with water use
  • Faculty member willing to serve as a Research Advisor
  • Able to commit to approximately 5-10 hours of research per week

Application Process

Due Date: Funds are available year round.

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