SNR News Story

Posted: 11/8/2021

SNR geologists chosen for national and international committees

Jesse Korus and Matt Joeckel
Jesse Korus (l), Matt Joeckel (r)


Jesse Korus, Associate Professor and Groundwater Geologist in the Conservation and Survey Division, School of Natural Resources has accepted an invitation to serve on California’s Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC consists of national and international experts in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, geophysics and water management. The AEM program is an aquifer-mapping initiative that seeks to address goals related to California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The TAC is charged with making technical recommendations related to data collection, processing, management and use. As part of a 14-member committee, Korus provided input and support innovation for successful implementation of SGMA in a meeting on Nov. 4. His continued service on the TAC will help create a foundation for an AEM community of practice both regionally and globally.

Matt Joeckel, Director of the Conservation and Survey Division and Nebraska State Geologist, accepted a nomination for the Vice Chair of the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature (NASCN) and recently began his service in that role. NASCN includes members from Canada, México and the United States, and it is developing working ties with geologists in Cuba and multiple nations in Central and South America. The Commission has promoted common standards and procedures for the characterization, ordering, and naming of rock strata since 1941. Joeckel is the first geologist from Nebraska to serve as an officer in the Commission. The activities of NASCN are foundational in multiple academic subfields of geology, in the study and development of groundwater resources, and in the fuel and mineral industries.