2018 Lincoln, Nebraska Workshop

2018 MOISST Workshop - Lincoln NE

From Soil Moisture Observations to Actionable Decisions

2018 Confernce Attendees

June 4 – 7, 2018

Planning Committee

  • Mike Cosh
    (USDA-ARS Hydrology & Remote Laboratory)
  • Trenton Franz
    (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)
  • Tyson Ochsner
    (Oklahoma State University)
  • Andres Patrignani
    (Kansas State University)
  • Steven Quiring
    (Ohio State University)

Workshop Audience

This workshop provides a unique opportunity for leaders in soil moisture research and development to come together in an interactive workshop format to exchange ideas and develop collaborations. This will be the eighth consecutive year for the workshop, which is an initiative of the community of researchers that has developed from the Marena, Oklahoma, In Situ Sensor Testbed (MOISST). This year’s workshop will be hosted by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and will include a special sessions on the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) and the National Soil Moisture Network (NSMN), an ongoing initiative to develop a national system that integrates diverse sources of soil moisture observations including federal and state in-situ monitoring networks, satellite remote sensing missions, and numerical models.

Workshop Goals

  1. Provide a highly focused venue for presenting cutting-edge research and new concepts related to soil moisture monitoring.
  2. Highlight new applications of soil moisture data and identify application-oriented research needs.
  3. Stimulate progress towards realizing the vision of the National Soil Moisture Network.



Download all presentations (150 Mb)

Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title
Trenton Franz University of Nebraska– Lincoln Introduction
Soil Moisture Stakeholders
John Bolten National Aeronautics and Space Administration Soil moisture prespectives and advances
Mimi Hughes National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Development of Prototype National Water Model Soil Moisture Products for Drought Monitoring
Dave Hoover U.S. Department of Agriculture NRCS resources, SSURGO
Trent Ford Southern Illinois University Developing Integrative Soil Moisture Products to Improve Drought Monitoring in the United States
Christopher Phillips University of Alabama in Huntsville Low-Cost Crowdsourcing Sensor Package for Drought-Related Decision Making
Tyson Ochsner Oklahoma State University Development and evaluation of soil moisture-based indices for agricultural drought monitoring
Network Discussion
Martha Shulski University of Nebraska–Lincoln Nebraska Mesonet
Andres Patrignani Kansas State University Kansas Mesonet
Ronald Leeper and Michael Palecki National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Standardizing USCRN Soil Moisture Observations for Near-Real Time Applications
Remote Sensing
Rajat Bindlish National Aeronautics and Space Administration Passive Microwave Products
Christopher Neale University of Nebraska | Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute ET and remote sensing
Michael Cosh U.S. Department of Agriculture NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperature Radar (NISAR) Mission
Steven Quiring Ohio State University Investigating Soil Moisture–Convective Precipitation Feedbacks Using Satellite and In Situ Soil Moisture in the Central United States.
Nathan Chaney Princeton University Hydroblocks, Polaris
Kaiyu Guan University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Hyper-resolution daily crop monitoring and sub-daily water demand modeling
Patricia Lawston National Aeronautics and Space Administration LSM and irrigation
Yihua Wu National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Simulating Soil Moisture Dynamics in NCEP Numerical Weather/Climate Prediction Models
Burdette Barker University of Nebraska– Lincoln VRI irrigation scheduling
Daran Rudnik University of Nebraska– Lincoln UNLTAPS Project
Taro Mieno University of Nebraska | Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute Economics of soil moisture probes
Technology and Irrigation
John Heaston AquaMart AquaMart, NE water challenges and perspective
Jessica Bollinger Arable Labs Arable, Agtech business perspective
Hannah Birge The Nature Conservancy Central Nebraska Irrigation Project
Todd Caldwell University of Texas at Austin Quantifying Diffuse Recharge to the Edwards Aquifer using Micrometeorology and Remote Sensing
NSMS Planning Workshop
Mike Stobel USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service Status of NSMN to this point
Vera Deheza National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration What will NSMN be? Deliverable
Mark Svoboda/Brian Fuchs UNL - National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Monitor
Temple Lee and Michael Buban National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Gridded soil moisture product from CRN
Tyson Ochsner Oklahoma State University Open Science Framework
Steven Quiring Ohio State University National Soil Moisture Map
Trent Ford Southern Illinois University GitHub Lessons
Wade Crow U.S. Deparment of Agriculture Data Assimilation
Mike Cosh U.S. Deparment of Agriculture LPV Network Design
Jordan Clayton U.S. Deparment of Agriculture Putting soil moisture on the NWCC Interactive Map: Instructive for the NSMN effort?
Executive Committee Wrap-Up


Download all Posters (5 Mb)

Speaker Affiliation Topic / Title
Stevens Water Student Poster Winners
First Place
Pedro Rossini and Adres Patrignani
Kansas State University Spatio-temporal analysis of Soil Moisture Using a Roving Cosmic-ray Neutron Probe
Second Place
Destiny Kerr and Tyson Oschner
Oklahoma State University Improving Soil Organic Carbon Predictions by Incorporating Long - term Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature Observations
Third Place
Justin Gibson and Trenton Franz
University of Nebraska–Lincoln Spatial prediction of near surface soil water retention functions using hydrogeophysics
Other Posters
Michael Palecki and Ronald Leeper National Center for Environmental Information | Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites USCRN Soil Moisture Products