Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Ainsworth 100,000 Ainsworth.tif Ainsworth.tfw Ainsworth.fgd
Alliance 100,000 Alliance.tif Alliance.tfw Alliance.fgd
Arthur 100,000 Arthur.tif Arthur.tfw Arthur.fgd
Atkinson 100,000 Atkinson.tif Atkinson.tfw Atkinson.fgd
Beatrice 100,000 Beatrice.tif Beatrice.tfw Beatrice.fgd
Benkelman 100,000 Benkelman.tif Benkelman.tfw Benkelman.fgd
Blair 100,000 Blair.tif Blair.tfw Blair.fgd
Broken Bow 100,000 Broken Bow.tif Broken Bow.tfw Broken Bow.fgd
Burwell 100,000 Burwell.tif Burwell.tfw Burwell.fgd
Chappell 100,000 Chappell.tif Chappell.tfw Chappell.fgd
Cheyenne 100,000 Cheyenne.tif Cheyenne.tfw Cheyenne.fgd
Chugwater 100,000 Chugwater.tif Chugwater.tfw Chugwater.fgd
Cody 100,000 Cody.tif Cody.tfw Cody.fgd
Crawford 100,000 Crawford.tif Crawford.tfw Crawford.fgd
Crescent Lake 100,000 Crescent Lake.tif Crescent Lake.tfw Crescent Lake.fgd
David City 100,000 David City.tif David City.tfw David City.fgd
Dismal River 100,000 Dismal River.tif Dismal River.tfw Dismal River.fgd
Fairbury 100,000 Fairbury.tif Fairbury.tfw Fairbury.fgd
Falls City 100,000 Falls City.tif Falls City.tfw Falls City.fgd
Fremont 100,000 Fremont.tif Fremont.tfw Fremont.fgd
Goose Creek 100,000 Goose Creek.tif Goose Creek.tfw Goose Creek.fgd
Gordon 100,000 Gordon.tif Gordon.tfw Gordon.fgd
Gothenburg 100,000 Gothenburg.tif Gothenburg.tfw Gothenburg.fgd
Grand Island 100,000 Grand Island.tif Grand Island.tfw Grand Island.fgd
Harlan, IA 100,000 Harlan, IA.tif Harlan, IA.tfw Harlan, IA.fgd
Hemingford 100,000 Hemingford.tif Hemingford.tfw Hemingford.fgd
Holdrege 100,000 Holdrege.tif Holdrege.tfw Holdrege.fgd
Hot Springs 100,000 Hot Springs.tif Hot Springs.tfw Hot Springs.fgd
Imperial 100,000 Imperial.tif Imperial.tfw Imperial.fgd
Julesburg 100,000 Julesburg.tif Julesburg.tfw Julesburg.fgd
Kearney 100,000 Kearney.tif Kearney.tfw Kearney.fgd
Kimball 100,000 Kimball.tif Kimball.tfw Kimball.fgd
Lance Creek 100,000 Lance Creek.tif Lance Creek.tfw Lance Creek.fgd
Lincoln 100,000 Lincoln.tif Lincoln.tfw Lincoln.fgd
Lusk 100,000 Lusk.tif Lusk.tfw Lusk.fgd
McCook 100,000 McCook.tif McCook.tfw McCook.fgd
Mullen 100,000 Mullen.tif Mullen.tfw Mullen.fgd
Nebraska City 100,000 Nebraska City.tif Nebraska City.tfw Nebraska City.fgd
Norfolk 100,000 Norfolk.tif Norfolk.tfw Norfolk.fgd
North Platte 100,000 North Platte.tif North Platte.tfw North Platte.fgd
Ogallala 100,000 Ogallala.tif Ogallala.tfw Ogallala.fgd
Omaha 100,000 Omaha.tif Omaha.tfw Omaha.fgd
O'Neill 100,000 O'Neill.tif O'Neill.tfw O'Neill.fgd
Ord 100,000 Ord.tif Ord.tfw Ord.fgd
Pine Ridge 100,000 Pine Ridge.tif Pine Ridge.tfw Pine Ridge.fgd
Red Cloud 100,000 Red Cloud.tif Red Cloud.tfw Red Cloud.fgd
Rose 100,000 Rose.tif Rose.tfw Rose.fgd
Saint Paul 100,000 Saint Paul.tif Saint Paul.tfw Saint Paul.fgd
Scottsbluff 100,000 Scottsbluff.tif Scottsbluff.tfw Scottsbluff.fgd
Sioux City North, IA 100,000 Sioux City North, IA.tif Sioux City North, IA.tfw Sioux City North, IA.fgd
Sioux City South, IA 100,000 Sioux City South, IA.tif Sioux City South, IA.tfw Sioux City South, IA.fgd
Stanton 100,000 Stanton.tif Stanton.tfw Stanton.fgd
Torrington 100,000 Torrington.tif Torrington.tfw Torrington.fgd
Valentine 100,000 Valentine.tif Valentine.tfw Valentine.fgd
Wray 100,000 Wray.tif Wray.tfw Wray.fgd
Yankton, SD 100,000 Yankton, SD.tif Yankton, SD.tfw Yankton, SD.fgd
York 100,000 York.tif York.tfw York.fgd


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Matt Joeckel

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