Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Gabe Rock 24,000 Gabe Rock.tif Gabe Rock.tfw Gabe Rock.fgd
Gables 24,000 Gables.tif Gables.tfw Gables.fgd
Gables Northwest 24,000 Gables Northwest.tif Gables Northwest.tfw Gables Northwest.fgd
Gables Southeast 24,000 Gables Southeast.tif Gables Southeast.tfw Gables Southeast.fgd
Gables Southwest 24,000 Gables Southwest.tif Gables Southwest.tfw Gables Southwest.fgd
Gandy 24,000 Gandy.tif Gandy.tfw Gandy.fgd
Gandy Southwest 24,000 Gandy Southwest.tif Gandy Southwest.tfw Gandy Southwest.fgd
Garland 24,000 Garland.tif Garland.tfw Garland.fgd
Garrison 24,000 Garrison.tif Garrison.tfw Garrison.fgd
Gaunt Lake 24,000 Gaunt Lake.tif Gaunt Lake.tfw Gaunt Lake.fgd
Gavins Point Dam 24,000 Gavins Point Dam.tif Gavins Point Dam.tfw Gavins Point Dam.fgd
Gayville Northeast, SD 24,000 Gayville Northeast, SD.tif Gayville Northeast, SD.tfw Gayville Northeast, SD.fgd
Gayville, SD 24,000 Gayville, SD.tif Gayville, SD.tfw Gayville, SD.fgd
Geneva 24,000 Geneva.tif Geneva.tfw Geneva.fgd
Geneva Southwest 24,000 Geneva Southwest.tif Geneva Southwest.tfw Geneva Southwest.fgd
Genoa 24,000 Genoa.tif Genoa.tfw Genoa.fgd
George Lake Southeast 24,000 George Lake Southeast.tif George Lake Southeast.tfw George Lake Southeast.fgd
Gibbon North 24,000 Gibbon North.tif Gibbon North.tfw Gibbon North.fgd
Gibbon South 24,000 Gibbon South.tif Gibbon South.tfw Gibbon South.fgd
Giltner 24,000 Giltner.tif Giltner.tfw Giltner.fgd
Gladstone 24,000 Gladstone.tif Gladstone.tfw Gladstone.fgd
Glen 24,000 Glen.tif Glen.tfw Glen.fgd
Glenwood, IA 24,000 Glenwood, IA.tif Glenwood, IA.tfw Glenwood, IA.fgd
Glinn Ranch 24,000 Glinn Ranch.tif Glinn Ranch.tfw Glinn Ranch.fgd
Goehner 24,000 Goehner.tif Goehner.tfw Goehner.fgd
Goldman Lake 24,000 Goldman Lake.tif Goldman Lake.tfw Goldman Lake.fgd
Goldman Lake Northeast 24,000 Goldman Lake Northeast.tif Goldman Lake Northeast.tfw Goldman Lake Northeast.fgd
Goldman Lake Northwest 24,000 Goldman Lake Northwest.tif Goldman Lake Northwest.tfw Goldman Lake Northwest.fgd
Goldman Lake Southeast 24,000 Goldman Lake Southeast.tif Goldman Lake Southeast.tfw Goldman Lake Southeast.fgd
Good Hope Cemetery 24,000 Good Hope Cemetery.tif Good Hope Cemetery.tfw Good Hope Cemetery.fgd
Goose Lake 24,000 Goose Lake.tif Goose Lake.tfw Goose Lake.fgd
Goose Lake Northeast 24,000 Goose Lake Northeast.tif Goose Lake Northeast.tfw Goose Lake Northeast.fgd
Goose Lake Southwest 24,000 Goose Lake Southwest.tif Goose Lake Southwest.tfw Goose Lake Southwest.fgd
Gordon 24,000 Gordon.tif Gordon.tfw Gordon.fgd
Gordon Northwest 24,000 Gordon Northwest.tif Gordon Northwest.tfw Gordon Northwest.fgd
Gordon Southeast 24,000 Gordon Southeast.tif Gordon Southeast.tfw Gordon Southeast.fgd
Gothenburg 24,000 Gothenburg.tif Gothenburg.tfw Gothenburg.fgd
Gothenburg Southeast 24,000 Gothenburg Southeast.tif Gothenburg Southeast.tfw Gothenburg Southeast.fgd
Gothenburg Southwest 24,000 Gothenburg Southwest.tif Gothenburg Southwest.tfw Gothenburg Southwest.fgd
Grafton 24,000 Grafton.tif Grafton.tfw Grafton.fgd
Gragg Ranch 24,000 Gragg Ranch.tif Gragg Ranch.tfw Gragg Ranch.fgd
Grainton 24,000 Grainton.tif Grainton.tfw Grainton.fgd
Grand Island 24,000 Grand Island.tif Grand Island.tfw Grand Island.fgd
Grant 24,000 Grant.tif Grant.tfw Grant.fgd
Grant Northeast 24,000 Grant Northeast.tif Grant Northeast.tfw Grant Northeast.fgd
Greeley 24,000 Greeley.tif Greeley.tfw Greeley.fgd
Greeley Northeast 24,000 Greeley Northeast.tif Greeley Northeast.tfw Greeley Northeast.fgd
Greeley Northwest 24,000 Greeley Northwest.tif Greeley Northwest.tfw Greeley Northwest.fgd
Green Lake 24,000 Green Lake.tif Green Lake.tfw Green Lake.fgd
Green Ranch 24,000 Green Ranch.tif Green Ranch.tfw Green Ranch.fgd
Greenwood 24,000 Greenwood.tif Greenwood.tfw Greenwood.fgd
Gresham 24,000 Gresham.tif Gresham.tfw Gresham.fgd
Gretna 24,000 Gretna.tif Gretna.tfw Gretna.fgd
Griswold Northeast, IA 24,000 Griswold Northeast, IA.tif Griswold Northeast, IA.tfw Griswold Northeast, IA.fgd
Griswold, IA 24,000 Griswold, IA.tif Griswold, IA.tfw Griswold, IA.fgd
Gross 24,000 Gross.tif Gross.tfw Gross.fgd
Guide Rock 24,000 Guide Rock.tif Guide Rock.tfw Guide Rock.fgd
Guide Rock Northeast 24,000 Guide Rock Northeast.tif Guide Rock Northeast.tfw Guide Rock Northeast.fgd
Gurley 24,000 Gurley.tif Gurley.tfw Gurley.fgd
Gusher Spring 24,000 Gusher Spring.tif Gusher Spring.tfw Gusher Spring.fgd
Gypsy Valley 24,000 Gypsy Valley.tif Gypsy Valley.tfw Gypsy Valley.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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