Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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1:250,000 Scale

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Abbott 24,000 Abbott.tif Abbott.tfw Abbott.fgd
Abbott Ranch 24,000 Abbott Ranch.tif Abbott Ranch.tfw Abbott Ranch.fgd
Adams 24,000 Adams.tif Adams.tfw Adams.fgd
Agate 24,000 Agate.tif Agate.tfw Agate.fgd
Agate Northwest 24,000 Agate Northwest.tif Agate Northwest.tfw Agate Northwest.fgd
Agate Southwest 24,000 Agate Southwest.tif Agate Southwest.tfw Agate Southwest.fgd
Ainsworth 24,000 Ainsworth.tif Ainsworth.tfw Ainsworth.fgd
Ainsworth Northwest 24,000 Ainsworth Northwest.tif Ainsworth Northwest.tfw Ainsworth Northwest.fgd
Ainsworth Southwest 24,000 Ainsworth Southwest.tif Ainsworth Southwest.tfw Ainsworth Southwest.fgd
Akron 24,000 Akron.tif Akron.tfw Akron.fgd
Akron, IA 24,000 Akron, IA.tif Akron, IA.tfw Akron, IA.fgd
Albatron, IA 24,000 Albatron, IA.tif Albatron, IA.tfw Albatron, IA.fgd
Albion 24,000 Albion.tif Albion.tfw Albion.fgd
Albion East 24,000 Albion East.tif Albion East.tfw Albion East.fgd
Albion West 24,000 Albion West.tif Albion West.tfw Albion West.fgd
Alda 24,000 Alda.tif Alda.tfw Alda.fgd
Alexandria 24,000 Alexandria.tif Alexandria.tfw Alexandria.fgd
Alfalfa Center 24,000 Alfalfa Center.tif Alfalfa Center.tfw Alfalfa Center.fgd
Alkali Lake 24,000 Alkali Lake.tif Alkali Lake.tfw Alkali Lake.fgd
Allen 24,000 Allen.tif Allen.tfw Allen.fgd
Allen Valley 24,000 Allen Valley.tif Allen Valley.tfw Allen Valley.fgd
Alliance East 24,000 Alliance East.tif Alliance East.tfw Alliance East.fgd
Alliance West 24,000 Alliance West.tif Alliance West.tfw Alliance West.fgd
Alma 24,000 Alma.tif Alma.tfw Alma.fgd
Alma Southwest 24,000 Alma Southwest.tif Alma Southwest.tfw Alma Southwest.fgd
Almeria 24,000 Almeria.tif Almeria.tfw Almeria.fgd
Almeria Northeast 24,000 Almeria Northeast.tif Almeria Northeast.tfw Almeria Northeast.fgd
Almeria Northwest 24,000 Almeria Northwest.tif Almeria Northwest.tfw Almeria Northwest.fgd
Almeria Southwest 24,000 Almeria Southwest.tif Almeria Southwest.tfw Almeria Southwest.fgd
Aloys 24,000 Aloys.tif Aloys.tfw Aloys.fgd
Alsen, SD 24,000 Alsen, SD.tif Alsen, SD.tfw Alsen, SD.fgd
Alton, IA 24,000 Alton, IA.tif Alton, IA.tfw Alton, IA.fgd
Altona 24,000 Altona.tif Altona.tfw Altona.fgd
Altona Northeast 24,000 Altona Northeast.tif Altona Northeast.tfw Altona Northeast.fgd
Altona Northwest 24,000 Altona Northwest.tif Altona Northwest.tfw Altona Northwest.fgd
Altona Southeast 24,000 Altona Southeast.tif Altona Southeast.tfw Altona Southeast.fgd
Alvin 24,000 Alvin.tif Alvin.tfw Alvin.fgd
Alvin Northeast 24,000 Alvin Northeast.tif Alvin Northeast.tfw Alvin Northeast.fgd
Amboy 24,000 Amboy.tif Amboy.tfw Amboy.fgd
Amelia 24,000 Amelia.tif Amelia.tfw Amelia.fgd
Amherst 24,000 Amherst.tif Amherst.tfw Amherst.fgd
Amherst Northeast 24,000 Amherst Northeast.tif Amherst Northeast.tfw Amherst Northeast.fgd
Amherst Southeast 24,000 Amherst Southeast.tif Amherst Southeast.tfw Amherst Southeast.fgd
Andrews 24,000 Andrews.tif Andrews.tfw Andrews.fgd
Angora 24,000 Angora.tif Angora.tfw Angora.fgd
Angora Northeast 24,000 Angora Northeast.tif Angora Northeast.tfw Angora Northeast.fgd
Angora Northwest 24,000 Angora Northwest.tif Angora Northwest.tfw Angora Northwest.fgd
Angora Southeast 24,000 Angora Southeast.tif Angora Southeast.tfw Angora Southeast.fgd
Anselmo 24,000 Anselmo.tif Anselmo.tfw Anselmo.fgd
Anselmo Northeast 24,000 Anselmo Northeast.tif Anselmo Northeast.tfw Anselmo Northeast.fgd
Anselmo Northwest 24,000 Anselmo Northwest.tif Anselmo Northwest.tfw Anselmo Northwest.fgd
Anselmo Southwest 24,000 Anselmo Southwest.tif Anselmo Southwest.tfw Anselmo Southwest.fgd
Ansley 24,000 Ansley.tif Ansley.tfw Ansley.fgd
Ansley Northeast 24,000 Ansley Northeast.tif Ansley Northeast.tfw Ansley Northeast.fgd
Ansley Southeast 24,000 Ansley Southeast.tif Ansley Southeast.tfw Ansley Southeast.fgd
Antioch 24,000 Antioch.tif Antioch.tfw Antioch.fgd
Applegate Ranch 24,000 Applegate Ranch.tif Applegate Ranch.tfw Applegate Ranch.fgd
Arabia 24,000 Arabia.tif Arabia.tfw Arabia.fgd
Arabia Northwest 24,000 Arabia Northwest.tif Arabia Northwest.tfw Arabia Northwest.fgd
Arabia Southeast 24,000 Arabia Southeast.tif Arabia Southeast.tfw Arabia Southeast.fgd
Arabia Southwest 24,000 Arabia Southwest.tif Arabia Southwest.tfw Arabia Southwest.fgd
Arapahoe 24,000 Arapahoe.tif Arapahoe.tfw Arapahoe.fgd
Arapahoe Northeast 24,000 Arapahoe Northeast.tif Arapahoe Northeast.tfw Arapahoe Northeast.fgd
Arapahoe Northwest 24,000 Arapahoe Northwest.tif Arapahoe Northwest.tfw Arapahoe Northwest.fgd
Arcadia East 24,000 Arcadia East.tif Arcadia East.tfw Arcadia East.fgd
Arcadia Southeast 24,000 Arcadia Southeast.tif Arcadia Southeast.tfw Arcadia Southeast.fgd
Arcadia Southwest 24,000 Arcadia Southwest.tif Arcadia Southwest.tfw Arcadia Southwest.fgd
Arcadia West 24,000 Arcadia West.tif Arcadia West.tfw Arcadia West.fgd
Archer 24,000 Archer.tif Archer.tfw Archer.fgd
Ardmore 24,000 Ardmore.tif Ardmore.tfw Ardmore.fgd
Ardmore Southeast 24,000 Ardmore Southeast.tif Ardmore Southeast.tfw Ardmore Southeast.fgd
Argo Hill 24,000 Argo Hill.tif Argo Hill.tfw Argo Hill.fgd
Arlington 24,000 Arlington.tif Arlington.tfw Arlington.fgd
Arnold 24,000 Arnold.tif Arnold.tfw Arnold.fgd
Arnold Lake 24,000 Arnold Lake.tif Arnold Lake.tfw Arnold Lake.fgd
Arnold Southwest 24,000 Arnold Southwest.tif Arnold Southwest.tfw Arnold Southwest.fgd
Arrowhead Lake 24,000 Arrowhead Lake.tif Arrowhead Lake.tfw Arrowhead Lake.fgd
Arterburn Lake 24,000 Arterburn Lake.tif Arterburn Lake.tfw Arterburn Lake.fgd
Arthur 24,000 Arthur.tif Arthur.tfw Arthur.fgd
Ashby 24,000 Ashby.tif Ashby.tfw Ashby.fgd
Ashland East 24,000 Ashland East.tif Ashland East.tfw Ashland East.fgd
Ashland West 24,000 Ashland West.tif Ashland West.tfw Ashland West.fgd
Ashton 24,000 Ashton.tif Ashton.tfw Ashton.fgd
Atkinson 24,000 Atkinson.tif Atkinson.tfw Atkinson.fgd
Atkinson Northeast 24,000 Atkinson Northeast.tif Atkinson Northeast.tfw Atkinson Northeast.fgd
Atkinson Northwest 24,000 Atkinson Northwest.tif Atkinson Northwest.tfw Atkinson Northwest.fgd
Atkinson Southeast 24,000 Atkinson Southeast.tif Atkinson Southeast.tfw Atkinson Southeast.fgd
Atlanta 24,000 Atlanta.tif Atlanta.tfw Atlanta.fgd
Atlantic Southwest, IA 24,000 Atlantic Southwest, IA.tif Atlantic Southwest, IA.tfw Atlantic Southwest, IA.fgd
Atlantic, IA 24,000 Atlantic, IA.tif Atlantic, IA.tfw Atlantic, IA.fgd
Auburn 24,000 Auburn.tif Auburn.tfw Auburn.fgd
Aurora East 24,000 Aurora East.tif Aurora East.tfw Aurora East.fgd
Aurora West 24,000 Aurora West.tif Aurora West.tfw Aurora West.fgd
Avoca 24,000 Avoca.tif Avoca.tfw Avoca.fgd
Avoca Northwest, IA 24,000 Avoca Northwest, IA.tif Avoca Northwest, IA.tfw Avoca Northwest, IA.fgd
Avoca Southeast, IA 24,000 Avoca Southeast, IA.tif Avoca Southeast, IA.tfw Avoca Southeast, IA.fgd
Avoca, IA 24,000 Avoca, IA.tif Avoca, IA.tfw Avoca, IA.fgd
Axtell East 24,000 Axtell East.tif Axtell East.tfw Axtell East.fgd
Axtell West 24,000 Axtell West.tif Axtell West.tfw Axtell West.fgd
Ayr 24,000 Ayr.tif Ayr.tfw Ayr.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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