Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Rackett 24,000 Rackett.tif Rackett.tfw Rackett.fgd
Rackett Southeast 24,000 Rackett Southeast.tif Rackett Southeast.tfw Rackett Southeast.fgd
Ragan 24,000 Ragan.tif Ragan.tfw Ragan.fgd
Ralston 24,000 Ralston.tif Ralston.tfw Ralston.fgd
Randolph North 24,000 Randolph North.tif Randolph North.tfw Randolph North.fgd
Randolph South 24,000 Randolph South.tif Randolph South.tfw Randolph South.fgd
Randolph Southwest 24,000 Randolph Southwest.tif Randolph Southwest.tfw Randolph Southwest.fgd
Randolph, IA 24,000 Randolph, IA.tif Randolph, IA.tfw Randolph, IA.fgd
Raven 24,000 Raven.tif Raven.tfw Raven.fgd
Raven Southwest 24,000 Raven Southwest.tif Raven Southwest.tfw Raven Southwest.fgd
Ravenna 24,000 Ravenna.tif Ravenna.tfw Ravenna.fgd
Ravenna Northwest 24,000 Ravenna Northwest.tif Ravenna Northwest.tfw Ravenna Northwest.fgd
Raymond 24,000 Raymond.tif Raymond.tfw Raymond.fgd
Red Cloud 24,000 Red Cloud.tif Red Cloud.tfw Red Cloud.fgd
Red Cloud Northeast 24,000 Red Cloud Northeast.tif Red Cloud Northeast.tfw Red Cloud Northeast.fgd
Red Cloud Northwest 24,000 Red Cloud Northwest.tif Red Cloud Northwest.tfw Red Cloud Northwest.fgd
Red Oak North, IA 24,000 Red Oak North, IA.tif Red Oak North, IA.tfw Red Oak North, IA.fgd
Red Oak South, IA 24,000 Red Oak South, IA.tif Red Oak South, IA.tfw Red Oak South, IA.fgd
Red Willow Dam 24,000 Red Willow Dam.tif Red Willow Dam.tfw Red Willow Dam.fgd
Redington 24,000 Redington.tif Redington.tfw Redington.fgd
Republican City 24,000 Republican City.tif Republican City.tfw Republican City.fgd
Republican City Northeast 24,000 Republican City Northeast.tif Republican City Northeast.tfw Republican City Northeast.fgd
Republican City Northwest 24,000 Republican City Northwest.tif Republican City Northwest.tfw Republican City Northwest.fgd
Reservoir Lake 24,000 Reservoir Lake.tif Reservoir Lake.tfw Reservoir Lake.fgd
Reservoir Lake Southeast 24,000 Reservoir Lake Southeast.tif Reservoir Lake Southeast.tfw Reservoir Lake Southeast.fgd
Reservoir Lake Southwest 24,000 Reservoir Lake Southwest.tif Reservoir Lake Southwest.tfw Reservoir Lake Southwest.fgd
Reynolds 24,000 Reynolds.tif Reynolds.tfw Reynolds.fgd
Richardson Lake 24,000 Richardson Lake.tif Richardson Lake.tfw Richardson Lake.fgd
Richland 24,000 Richland.tif Richland.tfw Richland.fgd
Richland, SD 24,000 Richland, SD.tif Richland, SD.tfw Richland, SD.fgd
Ringgold 24,000 Ringgold.tif Ringgold.tfw Ringgold.fgd
Rising City 24,000 Rising City.tif Rising City.tfw Rising City.fgd
Riverdale 24,000 Riverdale.tif Riverdale.tfw Riverdale.fgd
Riverton 24,000 Riverton.tif Riverton.tfw Riverton.fgd
Riverton, IA 24,000 Riverton, IA.tif Riverton, IA.tfw Riverton, IA.fgd
Riverview 24,000 Riverview.tif Riverview.tfw Riverview.fgd
Robb Draw 24,000 Robb Draw.tif Robb Draw.tfw Robb Draw.fgd
Roca 24,000 Roca.tif Roca.tfw Roca.fgd
Rock Bluff 24,000 Rock Bluff.tif Rock Bluff.tfw Rock Bluff.fgd
Rock Canyon 24,000 Rock Canyon.tif Rock Canyon.tfw Rock Canyon.fgd
Rock Creek Lake 24,000 Rock Creek Lake.tif Rock Creek Lake.tfw Rock Creek Lake.fgd
Rock Port, MO 24,000 Rock Port, MO.tif Rock Port, MO.tfw Rock Port, MO.fgd
Rockville 24,000 Rockville.tif Rockville.tfw Rockville.fgd
Rogers 24,000 Rogers.tif Rogers.tfw Rogers.fgd
Rose 24,000 Rose.tif Rose.tfw Rose.fgd
Rose Valley 24,000 Rose Valley.tif Rose Valley.tfw Rose Valley.fgd
Rosebud Lake 24,000 Rosebud Lake.tif Rosebud Lake.tfw Rosebud Lake.fgd
Rosebud Valley 24,000 Rosebud Valley.tif Rosebud Valley.tfw Rosebud Valley.fgd
Roseland 24,000 Roseland.tif Roseland.tfw Roseland.fgd
Roten Valley North 24,000 Roten Valley North.tif Roten Valley North.tfw Roten Valley North.fgd
Roten Valley South 24,000 Roten Valley South.tif Roten Valley South.tfw Roten Valley South.fgd
Roubadeau Pass 24,000 Roubadeau Pass.tif Roubadeau Pass.tfw Roubadeau Pass.fgd
Round Lake 24,000 Round Lake.tif Round Lake.tfw Round Lake.fgd
Round Valley 24,000 Round Valley.tif Round Valley.tfw Round Valley.fgd
Roundhouse Rock 24,000 Roundhouse Rock.tif Roundhouse Rock.tfw Roundhouse Rock.fgd
Roundtop 24,000 Roundtop.tif Roundtop.tfw Roundtop.fgd
Royal 24,000 Royal.tif Royal.tfw Royal.fgd
Rulo 24,000 Rulo.tif Rulo.tfw Rulo.fgd
Rush Lake 24,000 Rush Lake.tif Rush Lake.tfw Rush Lake.fgd
Rushville 24,000 Rushville.tif Rushville.tfw Rushville.fgd
Rushville Northeast 24,000 Rushville Northeast.tif Rushville Northeast.tfw Rushville Northeast.fgd
Rushville Southeast 24,000 Rushville Southeast.tif Rushville Southeast.tfw Rushville Southeast.fgd
Rushville Southwest 24,000 Rushville Southwest.tif Rushville Southwest.tfw Rushville Southwest.fgd
Ruskin 24,000 Ruskin.tif Ruskin.tfw Ruskin.fgd
Ruthon 24,000 Ruthon.tif Ruthon.tfw Ruthon.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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