Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Waco 24,000 Waco.tif Waco.tfw Waco.fgd
Wahoo East 24,000 Wahoo East.tif Wahoo East.tfw Wahoo East.fgd
Wahoo Southeast 24,000 Wahoo Southeast.tif Wahoo Southeast.tfw Wahoo Southeast.fgd
Wahoo West 24,000 Wahoo West.tif Wahoo West.tfw Wahoo West.fgd
Wakefield 24,000 Wakefield.tif Wakefield.tfw Wakefield.fgd
Wakefield Southwest 24,000 Wakefield Southwest.tif Wakefield Southwest.tfw Wakefield Southwest.fgd
Wales, IA 24,000 Wales, IA.tif Wales, IA.tfw Wales, IA.fgd
Wallace 24,000 Wallace.tif Wallace.tfw Wallace.fgd
Wallace Northeast 24,000 Wallace Northeast.tif Wallace Northeast.tfw Wallace Northeast.fgd
Wallace Northwest 24,000 Wallace Northwest.tif Wallace Northwest.tfw Wallace Northwest.fgd
Wallace Ranch 24,000 Wallace Ranch.tif Wallace Ranch.tfw Wallace Ranch.fgd
Wallin, IA 24,000 Wallin, IA.tif Wallin, IA.tfw Wallin, IA.fgd
Walnut 24,000 Walnut.tif Walnut.tfw Walnut.fgd
Walnut, IA 24,000 Walnut, IA.tif Walnut, IA.tfw Walnut, IA.fgd
Walthill 24,000 Walthill.tif Walthill.tfw Walthill.fgd
Walthill Southwest 24,000 Walthill Southwest.tif Walthill Southwest.tfw Walthill Southwest.fgd
Walton 24,000 Walton.tif Walton.tfw Walton.fgd
Walworth 24,000 Walworth.tif Walworth.tfw Walworth.fgd
Wann 24,000 Wann.tif Wann.tfw Wann.fgd
Wanueta Southwest 24,000 Wanueta Southwest.tif Wanueta Southwest.tfw Wanueta Southwest.fgd
Warbonnet Ranch 24,000 Warbonnet Ranch.tif Warbonnet Ranch.tfw Warbonnet Ranch.fgd
Waterbury 24,000 Waterbury.tif Waterbury.tfw Waterbury.fgd
Wauneta East 24,000 Wauneta East.tif Wauneta East.tfw Wauneta East.fgd
Wauneta Southeast 24,000 Wauneta Southeast.tif Wauneta Southeast.tfw Wauneta Southeast.fgd
Wauneta West 24,000 Wauneta West.tif Wauneta West.tfw Wauneta West.fgd
Wausa 24,000 Wausa.tif Wausa.tfw Wausa.fgd
Waverly 24,000 Waverly.tif Waverly.tfw Waverly.fgd
Wayne 24,000 Wayne.tif Wayne.tfw Wayne.fgd
Wayne Southwest 24,000 Wayne Southwest.tif Wayne Southwest.tfw Wayne Southwest.fgd
Wayside 24,000 Wayside.tif Wayside.tfw Wayside.fgd
Webster 24,000 Webster.tif Webster.tfw Webster.fgd
Wee Town 24,000 Wee Town.tif Wee Town.tfw Wee Town.fgd
Weeping Water 24,000 Weeping Water.tif Weeping Water.tfw Weeping Water.fgd
Weeping Water Northeast 24,000 Weeping Water Northeast.tif Weeping Water Northeast.tfw Weeping Water Northeast.fgd
Well Valley 24,000 Well Valley.tif Well Valley.tfw Well Valley.fgd
Wellfleet 24,000 Wellfleet.tif Wellfleet.tfw Wellfleet.fgd
Wellfleet Northeast 24,000 Wellfleet Northeast.tif Wellfleet Northeast.tfw Wellfleet Northeast.fgd
Wellfleet Northwest 24,000 Wellfleet Northwest.tif Wellfleet Northwest.tfw Wellfleet Northwest.fgd
Wellfleet Southeast 24,000 Wellfleet Southeast.tif Wellfleet Southeast.tfw Wellfleet Southeast.fgd
West Point 24,000 West Point.tif West Point.tfw West Point.fgd
West Point Northeast 24,000 West Point Northeast.tif West Point Northeast.tfw West Point Northeast.fgd
West Point Northwest 24,000 West Point Northwest.tif West Point Northwest.tfw West Point Northwest.fgd
West Point Southeast 24,000 West Point Southeast.tif West Point Southeast.tfw West Point Southeast.fgd
Westboro, MO 24,000 Westboro, MO.tif Westboro, MO.tfw Westboro, MO.fgd
Western 24,000 Western.tif Western.tfw Western.fgd
Western Southeast 24,000 Western Southeast.tif Western Southeast.tfw Western Southeast.fgd
Western Southwest 24,000 Western Southwest.tif Western Southwest.tfw Western Southwest.fgd
Westerville 24,000 Westerville.tif Westerville.tfw Westerville.fgd
Whistle Creek Northeast 24,000 Whistle Creek Northeast.tif Whistle Creek Northeast.tfw Whistle Creek Northeast.fgd
Whistle Creek Northwest 24,000 Whistle Creek Northwest.tif Whistle Creek Northwest.tfw Whistle Creek Northwest.fgd
Whistle Creek Southeast 24,000 Whistle Creek Southeast.tif Whistle Creek Southeast.tfw Whistle Creek Southeast.fgd
Whistle Creek Southwest 24,000 Whistle Creek Southwest.tif Whistle Creek Southwest.tfw Whistle Creek Southwest.fgd
White Cap Hill 24,000 White Cap Hill.tif White Cap Hill.tfw White Cap Hill.fgd
White Lake 24,000 White Lake.tif White Lake.tfw White Lake.fgd
White Willow Lake 24,000 White Willow Lake.tif White Willow Lake.tfw White Willow Lake.fgd
Whiteclay 24,000 Whiteclay.tif Whiteclay.tfw Whiteclay.fgd
Whiteclay Southeast 24,000 Whiteclay Southeast.tif Whiteclay Southeast.tfw Whiteclay Southeast.fgd
Whiteclay Southwest 24,000 Whiteclay Southwest.tif Whiteclay Southwest.tfw Whiteclay Southwest.fgd
Whitewater Lake 24,000 Whitewater Lake.tif Whitewater Lake.tfw Whitewater Lake.fgd
Whitman 24,000 Whitman.tif Whitman.tfw Whitman.fgd
Whitman Northwest 24,000 Whitman Northwest.tif Whitman Northwest.tfw Whitman Northwest.fgd
Whitney 24,000 Whitney.tif Whitney.tfw Whitney.fgd
Wilber 24,000 Wilber.tif Wilber.tfw Wilber.fgd
Wilcox 24,000 Wilcox.tif Wilcox.tfw Wilcox.fgd
Wild Horse Hill 24,000 Wild Horse Hill.tif Wild Horse Hill.tfw Wild Horse Hill.fgd
Wild Horse Spring 24,000 Wild Horse Spring.tif Wild Horse Spring.tfw Wild Horse Spring.fgd
Wild Mare Lake 24,000 Wild Mare Lake.tif Wild Mare Lake.tfw Wild Mare Lake.fgd
Wild Mare Lake Northwest 24,000 Wild Mare Lake Northwest.tif Wild Mare Lake Northwest.tfw Wild Mare Lake Northwest.fgd
Wild Mare Lake Southeast 24,000 Wild Mare Lake Southeast.tif Wild Mare Lake Southeast.tfw Wild Mare Lake Southeast.fgd
Wild Mare Lake Southwest 24,000 Wild Mare Lake Southwest.tif Wild Mare Lake Southwest.tfw Wild Mare Lake Southwest.fgd
Wildcat Mountain 24,000 Wildcat Mountain.tif Wildcat Mountain.tfw Wildcat Mountain.fgd
Williams Ranch 24,000 Williams Ranch.tif Williams Ranch.tfw Williams Ranch.fgd
Willow Island 24,000 Willow Island.tif Willow Island.tfw Willow Island.fgd
Willow Lake 24,000 Willow Lake.tif Willow Lake.tfw Willow Lake.fgd
Wilson Valley 24,000 Wilson Valley.tif Wilson Valley.tfw Wilson Valley.fgd
Wilsonville 24,000 Wilsonville.tif Wilsonville.tfw Wilsonville.fgd
Wilsonville Northeast 24,000 Wilsonville Northeast.tif Wilsonville Northeast.tfw Wilsonville Northeast.fgd
Wilsonville Northwest 24,000 Wilsonville Northwest.tif Wilsonville Northwest.tfw Wilsonville Northwest.fgd
Windmill Lake 24,000 Windmill Lake.tif Windmill Lake.tfw Windmill Lake.fgd
Winside 24,000 Winside.tif Winside.tfw Winside.fgd
Wisner 24,000 Wisner.tif Wisner.tfw Wisner.fgd
Wolbach 24,000 Wolbach.tif Wolbach.tfw Wolbach.fgd
Wolbach Northeast 24,000 Wolbach Northeast.tif Wolbach Northeast.tfw Wolbach Northeast.fgd
Wolbach Southwest 24,000 Wolbach Southwest.tif Wolbach Southwest.tfw Wolbach Southwest.fgd
Wolf Butte 24,000 Wolf Butte.tif Wolf Butte.tfw Wolf Butte.fgd
Wolf Lake 24,000 Wolf Lake.tif Wolf Lake.tfw Wolf Lake.fgd
Wolford Valley 24,000 Wolford Valley.tif Wolford Valley.tfw Wolford Valley.fgd
Wood Lake 24,000 Wood Lake.tif Wood Lake.tfw Wood Lake.fgd
Wood Lake Northeast 24,000 Wood Lake Northeast.tif Wood Lake Northeast.tfw Wood Lake Northeast.fgd
Wood River 24,000 Wood River.tif Wood River.tfw Wood River.fgd
Woodbine, IA 24,000 Woodbine, IA.tif Woodbine, IA.tfw Woodbine, IA.fgd
Wray Northeast 24,000 Wray Northeast.tif Wray Northeast.tfw Wray Northeast.fgd
Wright Gap 24,000 Wright Gap.tif Wright Gap.tfw Wright Gap.fgd
Wright Valley 24,000 Wright Valley.tif Wright Valley.tfw Wright Valley.fgd
Wright Valley Northeast 24,000 Wright Valley Northeast.tif Wright Valley Northeast.tfw Wright Valley Northeast.fgd
Wymore 24,000 Wymore.tif Wymore.tfw Wymore.fgd
Wymore Northeast 24,000 Wymore Northeast.tif Wymore Northeast.tfw Wymore Northeast.fgd
Wynot 24,000 Wynot.tif Wynot.tfw Wynot.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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