Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Bancroft 24,000 Bancroft.tif Bancroft.tfw Bancroft.fgd
Barada 24,000 Barada.tif Barada.tfw Barada.fgd
Barlett Southeast 24,000 Barlett Southeast.tif Barlett Southeast.tfw Barlett Southeast.fgd
Barn Butte 24,000 Barn Butte.tif Barn Butte.tfw Barn Butte.fgd
Barneston 24,000 Barneston.tif Barneston.tfw Barneston.fgd
Barnet Valley 24,000 Barnet Valley.tif Barnet Valley.tfw Barnet Valley.fgd
Barrel Springs Creek North 24,000 Barrel Springs Creek North.tif Barrel Springs Creek North.tfw Barrel Springs Creek North.fgd
Barrel Springs Creek South 24,000 Barrel Springs Creek South.tif Barrel Springs Creek South.tfw Barrel Springs Creek South.fgd
Bartlett 24,000 Bartlett.tif Bartlett.tfw Bartlett.fgd
Bartlett Northwest 24,000 Bartlett Northwest.tif Bartlett Northwest.tfw Bartlett Northwest.fgd
Bartley 24,000 Bartley.tif Bartley.tfw Bartley.fgd
Bartley Northwest 24,000 Bartley Northwest.tif Bartley Northwest.tfw Bartley Northwest.fgd
Bartley Southwest 24,000 Bartley Southwest.tif Bartley Southwest.tfw Bartley Southwest.fgd
Barton 24,000 Barton.tif Barton.tfw Barton.fgd
Bassett 24,000 Bassett.tif Bassett.tfw Bassett.fgd
Bassett Northwest 24,000 Bassett Northwest.tif Bassett Northwest.tfw Bassett Northwest.fgd
Battle Creek 24,000 Battle Creek.tif Battle Creek.tfw Battle Creek.fgd
Battle Creek Southeast 24,000 Battle Creek Southeast.tif Battle Creek Southeast.tfw Battle Creek Southeast.fgd
Battle Creek Southwest 24,000 Battle Creek Southwest.tif Battle Creek Southwest.tfw Battle Creek Southwest.fgd
Bayard 24,000 Bayard.tif Bayard.tfw Bayard.fgd
Bayard Northeast 24,000 Bayard Northeast.tif Bayard Northeast.tfw Bayard Northeast.fgd
Bayard Soutwest 24,000 Bayard Soutwest.tif Bayard Soutwest.tfw Bayard Soutwest.fgd
Bean Lake 24,000 Bean Lake.tif Bean Lake.tfw Bean Lake.fgd
Bean Soup Lake 24,000 Bean Soup Lake.tif Bean Soup Lake.tfw Bean Soup Lake.fgd
Bear Hill 24,000 Bear Hill.tif Bear Hill.tfw Bear Hill.fgd
Beatrice East 24,000 Beatrice East.tif Beatrice East.tfw Beatrice East.fgd
Beatrice West 24,000 Beatrice West.tif Beatrice West.tfw Beatrice West.fgd
Beaver City 24,000 Beaver City.tif Beaver City.tfw Beaver City.fgd
Beaver City Southeast 24,000 Beaver City Southeast.tif Beaver City Southeast.tfw Beaver City Southeast.fgd
Beaver City Southwest 24,000 Beaver City Southwest.tif Beaver City Southwest.tfw Beaver City Southwest.fgd
Beaver Crossing 24,000 Beaver Crossing.tif Beaver Crossing.tfw Beaver Crossing.fgd
Beaver Wall 24,000 Beaver Wall.tif Beaver Wall.tfw Beaver Wall.fgd
Beck Lake 24,000 Beck Lake.tif Beck Lake.tfw Beck Lake.fgd
Beebeetown, IA 24,000 Beebeetown, IA.tif Beebeetown, IA.tfw Beebeetown, IA.fgd
Beemer 24,000 Beemer.tif Beemer.tfw Beemer.fgd
Belden 24,000 Belden.tif Belden.tfw Belden.fgd
Belgrade 24,000 Belgrade.tif Belgrade.tfw Belgrade.fgd
Belgrade Northwest 24,000 Belgrade Northwest.tif Belgrade Northwest.tfw Belgrade Northwest.fgd
Belgrade Southeast 24,000 Belgrade Southeast.tif Belgrade Southeast.tfw Belgrade Southeast.fgd
Belgrade Southwest 24,000 Belgrade Southwest.tif Belgrade Southwest.tfw Belgrade Southwest.fgd
Belmar 24,000 Belmar.tif Belmar.tfw Belmar.fgd
Belmont 24,000 Belmont.tif Belmont.tfw Belmont.fgd
Benkelman 24,000 Benkelman.tif Benkelman.tfw Benkelman.fgd
Benkelman Northwest 24,000 Benkelman Northwest.tif Benkelman Northwest.tfw Benkelman Northwest.fgd
Bennett 24,000 Bennett.tif Bennett.tfw Bennett.fgd
Bennett Reservoir 24,000 Bennett Reservoir.tif Bennett Reservoir.tfw Bennett Reservoir.fgd
Bennett Reservoir Northwest 24,000 Bennett Reservoir Northwest.tif Bennett Reservoir Northwest.tfw Bennett Reservoir Northwest.fgd
Bennett Reservoir West 24,000 Bennett Reservoir West.tif Bennett Reservoir West.tfw Bennett Reservoir West.fgd
Berea Creek East 24,000 Berea Creek East.tif Berea Creek East.tfw Berea Creek East.fgd
Berea Creek West 24,000 Berea Creek West.tif Berea Creek West.tfw Berea Creek West.fgd
Bertha 24,000 Bertha.tif Bertha.tfw Bertha.fgd
Bertrand 24,000 Bertrand.tif Bertrand.tfw Bertrand.fgd
Bertrand Northwest 24,000 Bertrand Northwest.tif Bertrand Northwest.tfw Bertrand Northwest.fgd
Bertrand Southeast 24,000 Bertrand Southeast.tif Bertrand Southeast.tfw Bertrand Southeast.fgd
Bethel Cementery 24,000 Bethel Cementery.tif Bethel Cementery.tfw Bethel Cementery.fgd
Beverly 24,000 Beverly.tif Beverly.tfw Beverly.fgd
Big Bald Hill 24,000 Big Bald Hill.tif Big Bald Hill.tfw Big Bald Hill.fgd
Big Bald Hill Northeast 24,000 Big Bald Hill Northeast.tif Big Bald Hill Northeast.tfw Big Bald Hill Northeast.fgd
Big Bald Hill Southeast 24,000 Big Bald Hill Southeast.tif Big Bald Hill Southeast.tfw Big Bald Hill Southeast.fgd
Big Falls 24,000 Big Falls.tif Big Falls.tfw Big Falls.fgd
Big Lake 24,000 Big Lake.tif Big Lake.tfw Big Lake.fgd
Big Lake, MO 24,000 Big Lake, MO.tif Big Lake, MO.tfw Big Lake, MO.fgd
Big Springs 24,000 Big Springs.tif Big Springs.tfw Big Springs.fgd
Big Springs Northeast 24,000 Big Springs Northeast.tif Big Springs Northeast.tfw Big Springs Northeast.fgd
Big Springs Northwest 24,000 Big Springs Northwest.tif Big Springs Northwest.tfw Big Springs Northwest.fgd
Billys Lake 24,000 Billys Lake.tif Billys Lake.tfw Billys Lake.fgd
Bingham 24,000 Bingham.tif Bingham.tfw Bingham.fgd
Bingham, IA 24,000 Bingham, IA.tif Bingham, IA.tfw Bingham, IA.fgd
Bixby 24,000 Bixby.tif Bixby.tfw Bixby.fgd
Black Banks Creek East 24,000 Black Banks Creek East.tif Black Banks Creek East.tfw Black Banks Creek East.fgd
Black Banks Creek West 24,000 Black Banks Creek West.tif Black Banks Creek West.tfw Black Banks Creek West.fgd
Black Lake 24,000 Black Lake.tif Black Lake.tfw Black Lake.fgd
Blair 24,000 Blair.tif Blair.tfw Blair.fgd
Blanchard, IA 24,000 Blanchard, IA.tif Blanchard, IA.tfw Blanchard, IA.fgd
Blanden 24,000 Blanden.tif Blanden.tfw Blanden.fgd
Blencoe, IA 24,000 Blencoe, IA.tif Blencoe, IA.tfw Blencoe, IA.fgd
Bloomfield 24,000 Bloomfield.tif Bloomfield.tfw Bloomfield.fgd
Bloomfield Northeast 24,000 Bloomfield Northeast.tif Bloomfield Northeast.tfw Bloomfield Northeast.fgd
Bloomfield Southeast 24,000 Bloomfield Southeast.tif Bloomfield Southeast.tfw Bloomfield Southeast.fgd
Bloomington 24,000 Bloomington.tif Bloomington.tfw Bloomington.fgd
Blue Hill 24,000 Blue Hill.tif Blue Hill.tfw Blue Hill.fgd
Blue Springs 24,000 Blue Springs.tif Blue Springs.tfw Blue Springs.fgd
Bodarc 24,000 Bodarc.tif Bodarc.tfw Bodarc.fgd
Boelus 24,000 Boelus.tif Boelus.tfw Boelus.fgd
Bohemian Creek 24,000 Bohemian Creek.tif Bohemian Creek.tfw Bohemian Creek.fgd
Boiling Springs 24,000 Boiling Springs.tif Boiling Springs.tfw Boiling Springs.fgd
Bon Homme Colony, SD 24,000 Bon Homme Colony, SD.tif Bon Homme Colony, SD.tfw Bon Homme Colony, SD.fgd
Bordeaux 24,000 Bordeaux.tif Bordeaux.tfw Bordeaux.fgd
Bornemann Lake 24,000 Bornemann Lake.tif Bornemann Lake.tfw Bornemann Lake.fgd
Bostwick 24,000 Bostwick.tif Bostwick.tfw Bostwick.fgd
Bourquim Hill 24,000 Bourquim Hill.tif Bourquim Hill.tfw Bourquim Hill.fgd
Bovee Valley East 24,000 Bovee Valley East.tif Bovee Valley East.tfw Bovee Valley East.fgd
Bovee Valley West 24,000 Bovee Valley West.tif Bovee Valley West.tfw Bovee Valley West.fgd
Box Butte 24,000 Box Butte.tif Box Butte.tfw Box Butte.fgd
Box Butte East 24,000 Box Butte East.tif Box Butte East.tfw Box Butte East.fgd
Box Butte Northeast 24,000 Box Butte Northeast.tif Box Butte Northeast.tfw Box Butte Northeast.fgd
Box Butte Northwest 24,000 Box Butte Northwest.tif Box Butte Northwest.tfw Box Butte Northwest.fgd
Box Butte Southwest 24,000 Box Butte Southwest.tif Box Butte Southwest.tfw Box Butte Southwest.fgd
Box Butte West 24,000 Box Butte West.tif Box Butte West.tfw Box Butte West.fgd
Bradshaw 24,000 Bradshaw.tif Bradshaw.tfw Bradshaw.fgd
Brady 24,000 Brady.tif Brady.tfw Brady.fgd
Brady Northeast 24,000 Brady Northeast.tif Brady Northeast.tfw Brady Northeast.fgd
Brady Northwest 24,000 Brady Northwest.tif Brady Northwest.tfw Brady Northwest.fgd
Brady Southwest 24,000 Brady Southwest.tif Brady Southwest.tfw Brady Southwest.fgd
Brainard 24,000 Brainard.tif Brainard.tfw Brainard.fgd
Brandon 24,000 Brandon.tif Brandon.tfw Brandon.fgd
Brandon Northeast 24,000 Brandon Northeast.tif Brandon Northeast.tfw Brandon Northeast.fgd
Brandon Northwest 24,000 Brandon Northwest.tif Brandon Northwest.tfw Brandon Northwest.fgd
Brandon Southeast 24,000 Brandon Southeast.tif Brandon Southeast.tfw Brandon Southeast.fgd
Brewster 24,000 Brewster.tif Brewster.tfw Brewster.fgd
Brewster Northwest 24,000 Brewster Northwest.tif Brewster Northwest.tfw Brewster Northwest.fgd
Brewster Southeast 24,000 Brewster Southeast.tif Brewster Southeast.tfw Brewster Southeast.fgd
Brewster Southwest 24,000 Brewster Southwest.tif Brewster Southwest.tfw Brewster Southwest.fgd
Bridgeport 24,000 Bridgeport.tif Bridgeport.tfw Bridgeport.fgd
Brigeport Northwest 24,000 Brigeport Northwest.tif Brigeport Northwest.tfw Brigeport Northwest.fgd
Bristol Lake 24,000 Bristol Lake.tif Bristol Lake.tfw Bristol Lake.fgd
Bristow 24,000 Bristow.tif Bristow.tfw Bristow.fgd
Broadwater 24,000 Broadwater.tif Broadwater.tfw Broadwater.fgd
Broadwater Northeast 24,000 Broadwater Northeast.tif Broadwater Northeast.tfw Broadwater Northeast.fgd
Broadwater Northwest 24,000 Broadwater Northwest.tif Broadwater Northwest.tfw Broadwater Northwest.fgd
Broadwater Southwest 24,000 Broadwater Southwest.tif Broadwater Southwest.tfw Broadwater Southwest.fgd
Brock 24,000 Brock.tif Brock.tfw Brock.fgd
Broken Bow 24,000 Broken Bow.tif Broken Bow.tfw Broken Bow.fgd
Broken Bow Northeast 24,000 Broken Bow Northeast.tif Broken Bow Northeast.tfw Broken Bow Northeast.fgd
Broken Bow Southeast 24,000 Broken Bow Southeast.tif Broken Bow Southeast.tfw Broken Bow Southeast.fgd
Broken Bow Southwest 24,000 Broken Bow Southwest.tif Broken Bow Southwest.tfw Broken Bow Southwest.fgd
Browlee Flats 24,000 Browlee Flats.tif Browlee Flats.tfw Browlee Flats.fgd
Brownlee 24,000 Brownlee.tif Brownlee.tfw Brownlee.fgd
Brownson 24,000 Brownson.tif Brownson.tfw Brownson.fgd
Brule 24,000 Brule.tif Brule.tfw Brule.fgd
Brule Northeast 24,000 Brule Northeast.tif Brule Northeast.tfw Brule Northeast.fgd
Brule Northwest 24,000 Brule Northwest.tif Brule Northwest.tfw Brule Northwest.fgd
Brule Southeast 24,000 Brule Southeast.tif Brule Southeast.tfw Brule Southeast.fgd
Bruner Lake 24,000 Bruner Lake.tif Bruner Lake.tfw Bruner Lake.fgd
Bruning 24,000 Bruning.tif Bruning.tfw Bruning.fgd
Bruno 24,000 Bruno.tif Bruno.tfw Bruno.fgd
Brunsville, IA 24,000 Brunsville, IA.tif Brunsville, IA.tfw Brunsville, IA.fgd
Brunswick 24,000 Brunswick.tif Brunswick.tfw Brunswick.fgd
Brush Creek 24,000 Brush Creek.tif Brush Creek.tfw Brush Creek.fgd
Brush Hill 24,000 Brush Hill.tif Brush Hill.tfw Brush Hill.fgd
Buckeye Valley 24,000 Buckeye Valley.tif Buckeye Valley.tfw Buckeye Valley.fgd
Bucktail 24,000 Bucktail.tif Bucktail.tfw Bucktail.fgd
Bucktail Lake 24,000 Bucktail Lake.tif Bucktail Lake.tfw Bucktail Lake.fgd
Buffalo 24,000 Buffalo.tif Buffalo.tfw Buffalo.fgd
Bull Lake 24,000 Bull Lake.tif Bull Lake.tfw Bull Lake.fgd
Bunner Lake 24,000 Bunner Lake.tif Bunner Lake.tfw Bunner Lake.fgd
Burbank 24,000 Burbank.tif Burbank.tfw Burbank.fgd
Burchard 24,000 Burchard.tif Burchard.tfw Burchard.fgd
Burger Canyon East 24,000 Burger Canyon East.tif Burger Canyon East.tfw Burger Canyon East.fgd
Burger Canyon Southeast 24,000 Burger Canyon Southeast.tif Burger Canyon Southeast.tfw Burger Canyon Southeast.fgd
Burger Canyon West 24,000 Burger Canyon West.tif Burger Canyon West.tfw Burger Canyon West.fgd
Burlington Junction, MO 24,000 Burlington Junction, MO.tif Burlington Junction, MO.tfw Burlington Junction, MO.fgd
Burr 24,000 Burr.tif Burr.tfw Burr.fgd
Burton 24,000 Burton.tif Burton.tfw Burton.fgd
Burwell 24,000 Burwell.tif Burwell.tfw Burwell.fgd
Burwell Northeast 24,000 Burwell Northeast.tif Burwell Northeast.tfw Burwell Northeast.fgd
Burwell Northwest 24,000 Burwell Northwest.tif Burwell Northwest.tfw Burwell Northwest.fgd
Burwell Southeast 24,000 Burwell Southeast.tif Burwell Southeast.tfw Burwell Southeast.fgd
Bushnell 24,000 Bushnell.tif Bushnell.tfw Bushnell.fgd
Bushnell Southeast 24,000 Bushnell Southeast.tif Bushnell Southeast.tfw Bushnell Southeast.fgd
Bushnell Southwest 24,000 Bushnell Southwest.tif Bushnell Southwest.tfw Bushnell Southwest.fgd
Buske Ranch 24,000 Buske Ranch.tif Buske Ranch.tfw Buske Ranch.fgd
Butte 24,000 Butte.tif Butte.tfw Butte.fgd
Butte Northwest 24,000 Butte Northwest.tif Butte Northwest.tfw Butte Northwest.fgd
Butte Southeast 24,000 Butte Southeast.tif Butte Southeast.tfw Butte Southeast.fgd
Butte Southwest 24,000 Butte Southwest.tif Butte Southwest.tfw Butte Southwest.fgd
Byron 24,000 Byron.tif Byron.tfw Byron.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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