Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Saint Edward 24,000 Saint Edward.tif Saint Edward.tfw Saint Edward.fgd
Saint Edward Southwest 24,000 Saint Edward Southwest.tif Saint Edward Southwest.tfw Saint Edward Southwest.fgd
Saint Helena 24,000 Saint Helena.tif Saint Helena.tfw Saint Helena.fgd
Saint Libory 24,000 Saint Libory.tif Saint Libory.tfw Saint Libory.fgd
Saint Mary 24,000 Saint Mary.tif Saint Mary.tfw Saint Mary.fgd
Saint Paul 24,000 Saint Paul.tif Saint Paul.tfw Saint Paul.fgd
Saint Paul Southwest 24,000 Saint Paul Southwest.tif Saint Paul Southwest.tfw Saint Paul Southwest.fgd
Salem 24,000 Salem.tif Salem.tfw Salem.fgd
Salix, IA 24,000 Salix, IA.tif Salix, IA.tfw Salix, IA.fgd
Sand Canyon East 24,000 Sand Canyon East.tif Sand Canyon East.tfw Sand Canyon East.fgd
Sand Canyon West 24,000 Sand Canyon West.tif Sand Canyon West.tfw Sand Canyon West.fgd
Santee 24,000 Santee.tif Santee.tfw Santee.fgd
Sargent East 24,000 Sargent East.tif Sargent East.tfw Sargent East.fgd
Sargent Southeast 24,000 Sargent Southeast.tif Sargent Southeast.tfw Sargent Southeast.fgd
Sargent Southwest 24,000 Sargent Southwest.tif Sargent Southwest.tfw Sargent Southwest.fgd
Sargent West 24,000 Sargent West.tif Sargent West.tfw Sargent West.fgd
Saronville 24,000 Saronville.tif Saronville.tfw Saronville.fgd
Schneringer Valley 24,000 Schneringer Valley.tif Schneringer Valley.tfw Schneringer Valley.fgd
School Number 20 24,000 School Number 20.tif School Number 20.tfw School Number 20.fgd
School Number 7 24,000 School Number 7.tif School Number 7.tfw School Number 7.fgd
Schoonover Lake 24,000 Schoonover Lake.tif Schoonover Lake.tfw Schoonover Lake.fgd
Schuyler 24,000 Schuyler.tif Schuyler.tfw Schuyler.fgd
Scotia 24,000 Scotia.tif Scotia.tfw Scotia.fgd
Scotia Northeast 24,000 Scotia Northeast.tif Scotia Northeast.tfw Scotia Northeast.fgd
Scottsbluff North 24,000 Scottsbluff North.tif Scottsbluff North.tfw Scottsbluff North.fgd
Scottsbluff South 24,000 Scottsbluff South.tif Scottsbluff South.tfw Scottsbluff South.fgd
Scribner 24,000 Scribner.tif Scribner.tfw Scribner.fgd
Scribner Southwest 24,000 Scribner Southwest.tif Scribner Southwest.tfw Scribner Southwest.fgd
Seneca 24,000 Seneca.tif Seneca.tfw Seneca.fgd
Seneca Southwest 24,000 Seneca Southwest.tif Seneca Southwest.tfw Seneca Southwest.fgd
Sergeant Bluff, IA 24,000 Sergeant Bluff, IA.tif Sergeant Bluff, IA.tfw Sergeant Bluff, IA.fgd
Sevenmile Hill 24,000 Sevenmile Hill.tif Sevenmile Hill.tfw Sevenmile Hill.fgd
Seward 24,000 Seward.tif Seward.tfw Seward.fgd
Shelba, IA 24,000 Shelba, IA.tif Shelba, IA.tfw Shelba, IA.fgd
Shelby 24,000 Shelby.tif Shelby.tfw Shelby.fgd
Shelton 24,000 Shelton.tif Shelton.tfw Shelton.fgd
Shelton Northeast 24,000 Shelton Northeast.tif Shelton Northeast.tfw Shelton Northeast.fgd
Shenandoah East, IA 24,000 Shenandoah East, IA.tif Shenandoah East, IA.tfw Shenandoah East, IA.fgd
Shenandoah West, IA 24,000 Shenandoah West, IA.tif Shenandoah West, IA.tfw Shenandoah West, IA.fgd
Sherrill Hills 24,000 Sherrill Hills.tif Sherrill Hills.tfw Sherrill Hills.fgd
Shickley 24,000 Shickley.tif Shickley.tfw Shickley.fgd
Shimmins Lake 24,000 Shimmins Lake.tif Shimmins Lake.tfw Shimmins Lake.fgd
Shimmins Lake Northeast 24,000 Shimmins Lake Northeast.tif Shimmins Lake Northeast.tfw Shimmins Lake Northeast.fgd
Shimmins Lake Northwest 24,000 Shimmins Lake Northwest.tif Shimmins Lake Northwest.tfw Shimmins Lake Northwest.fgd
Shimmins Lake Southeast 24,000 Shimmins Lake Southeast.tif Shimmins Lake Southeast.tfw Shimmins Lake Southeast.fgd
Shippee 24,000 Shippee.tif Shippee.tfw Shippee.fgd
Shovel Dot Ranch 24,000 Shovel Dot Ranch.tif Shovel Dot Ranch.tfw Shovel Dot Ranch.fgd
Sidney 24,000 Sidney.tif Sidney.tfw Sidney.fgd
Sidney Municipal Airport 24,000 Sidney Municipal Airport.tif Sidney Municipal Airport.tfw Sidney Municipal Airport.fgd
Sidney Southeast 24,000 Sidney Southeast.tif Sidney Southeast.tfw Sidney Southeast.fgd
Sidney, IA 24,000 Sidney, IA.tif Sidney, IA.tfw Sidney, IA.fgd
Silver Creek 24,000 Silver Creek.tif Silver Creek.tfw Silver Creek.fgd
Silver Creek Southeast 24,000 Silver Creek Southeast.tif Silver Creek Southeast.tfw Silver Creek Southeast.fgd
Simeon 24,000 Simeon.tif Simeon.tfw Simeon.fgd
Singleton Ranch 24,000 Singleton Ranch.tif Singleton Ranch.tfw Singleton Ranch.fgd
Sioux City North, IA 24,000 Sioux City North, IA.tif Sioux City North, IA.tfw Sioux City North, IA.fgd
Sioux City South, IA 24,000 Sioux City South, IA.tif Sioux City South, IA.tfw Sioux City South, IA.fgd
Skidmore Northwest, MO 24,000 Skidmore Northwest, MO.tif Skidmore Northwest, MO.tfw Skidmore Northwest, MO.fgd
Skidmore, MO 24,000 Skidmore, MO.tif Skidmore, MO.tfw Skidmore, MO.fgd
Skull Lake 24,000 Skull Lake.tif Skull Lake.tfw Skull Lake.fgd
Skunk Lake 24,000 Skunk Lake.tif Skunk Lake.tfw Skunk Lake.fgd
Skunk Lake Northeast 24,000 Skunk Lake Northeast.tif Skunk Lake Northeast.tfw Skunk Lake Northeast.fgd
Skunk Lake Northwest 24,000 Skunk Lake Northwest.tif Skunk Lake Northwest.tfw Skunk Lake Northwest.fgd
Skunk Lake Southwest 24,000 Skunk Lake Southwest.tif Skunk Lake Southwest.tfw Skunk Lake Southwest.fgd
Slim Butte 24,000 Slim Butte.tif Slim Butte.tfw Slim Butte.fgd
Slim Butte Southwest 24,000 Slim Butte Southwest.tif Slim Butte Southwest.tfw Slim Butte Southwest.fgd
Sloan, IA 24,000 Sloan, IA.tif Sloan, IA.tfw Sloan, IA.fgd
Smiley Canyon 24,000 Smiley Canyon.tif Smiley Canyon.tfw Smiley Canyon.fgd
Smith Lake 24,000 Smith Lake.tif Smith Lake.tfw Smith Lake.fgd
Snake River Falls 24,000 Snake River Falls.tif Snake River Falls.tfw Snake River Falls.fgd
Snyder 24,000 Snyder.tif Snyder.tfw Snyder.fgd
Snyder Lake 24,000 Snyder Lake.tif Snyder Lake.tfw Snyder Lake.fgd
Somerset 24,000 Somerset.tif Somerset.tfw Somerset.fgd
South Bayard 24,000 South Bayard.tif South Bayard.tfw South Bayard.fgd
South of Gabe Rock 24,000 South of Gabe Rock.tif South of Gabe Rock.tfw South of Gabe Rock.fgd
South of Gordon 24,000 South of Gordon.tif South of Gordon.tfw South of Gordon.fgd
Spalding 24,000 Spalding.tif Spalding.tfw Spalding.fgd
Spalding Northwest 24,000 Spalding Northwest.tif Spalding Northwest.tfw Spalding Northwest.fgd
Spalding Southeast 24,000 Spalding Southeast.tif Spalding Southeast.tfw Spalding Southeast.fgd
Spalding Southwest 24,000 Spalding Southwest.tif Spalding Southwest.tfw Spalding Southwest.fgd
Sparks 24,000 Sparks.tif Sparks.tfw Sparks.fgd
Sparks Southeast 24,000 Sparks Southeast.tif Sparks Southeast.tfw Sparks Southeast.fgd
Sparta 24,000 Sparta.tif Sparta.tfw Sparta.fgd
Spencer North 24,000 Spencer North.tif Spencer North.tfw Spencer North.fgd
Spencer South 24,000 Spencer South.tif Spencer South.tfw Spencer South.fgd
Spoon Butte 24,000 Spoon Butte.tif Spoon Butte.tfw Spoon Butte.fgd
Spotted Horse Valley 24,000 Spotted Horse Valley.tif Spotted Horse Valley.tfw Spotted Horse Valley.fgd
Spring Canyon 24,000 Spring Canyon.tif Spring Canyon.tfw Spring Canyon.fgd
Spring Lake 24,000 Spring Lake.tif Spring Lake.tfw Spring Lake.fgd
Spring Valley 24,000 Spring Valley.tif Spring Valley.tfw Spring Valley.fgd
Springfield 24,000 Springfield.tif Springfield.tfw Springfield.fgd
Springfield, SD 24,000 Springfield, SD.tif Springfield, SD.tfw Springfield, SD.fgd
Springview 24,000 Springview.tif Springview.tfw Springview.fgd
Springview Northwest 24,000 Springview Northwest.tif Springview Northwest.tfw Springview Northwest.fgd
Springview Southeast 24,000 Springview Southeast.tif Springview Southeast.tfw Springview Southeast.fgd
Square Lake 24,000 Square Lake.tif Square Lake.tfw Square Lake.fgd
Stamford 24,000 Stamford.tif Stamford.tfw Stamford.fgd
Stamford Southeast 24,000 Stamford Southeast.tif Stamford Southeast.tfw Stamford Southeast.fgd
Stanon Northeast 24,000 Stanon Northeast.tif Stanon Northeast.tfw Stanon Northeast.fgd
Stanton 24,000 Stanton.tif Stanton.tfw Stanton.fgd
Stanton Southeast 24,000 Stanton Southeast.tif Stanton Southeast.tfw Stanton Southeast.fgd
Stanton Southwest 24,000 Stanton Southwest.tif Stanton Southwest.tfw Stanton Southwest.fgd
Stanton Southwest, IA 24,000 Stanton Southwest, IA.tif Stanton Southwest, IA.tfw Stanton Southwest, IA.fgd
Stanton, IA 24,000 Stanton, IA.tif Stanton, IA.tfw Stanton, IA.fgd
Staplehurst 24,000 Staplehurst.tif Staplehurst.tfw Staplehurst.fgd
Stapleton 24,000 Stapleton.tif Stapleton.tfw Stapleton.fgd
Stapleton Northwest 24,000 Stapleton Northwest.tif Stapleton Northwest.tfw Stapleton Northwest.fgd
Stapleton Southeast 24,000 Stapleton Southeast.tif Stapleton Southeast.tfw Stapleton Southeast.fgd
Stapleton Southwest 24,000 Stapleton Southwest.tif Stapleton Southwest.tfw Stapleton Southwest.fgd
Star 24,000 Star.tif Star.tfw Star.fgd
Stegall 24,000 Stegall.tif Stegall.tfw Stegall.fgd
Steinauer 24,000 Steinauer.tif Steinauer.tfw Steinauer.fgd
Sterling 24,000 Sterling.tif Sterling.tfw Sterling.fgd
Steverson Lake 24,000 Steverson Lake.tif Steverson Lake.tfw Steverson Lake.fgd
Stockdale Lake 24,000 Stockdale Lake.tif Stockdale Lake.tfw Stockdale Lake.fgd
Stockham 24,000 Stockham.tif Stockham.tfw Stockham.fgd
Stockville 24,000 Stockville.tif Stockville.tfw Stockville.fgd
Stockville Northeast 24,000 Stockville Northeast.tif Stockville Northeast.tfw Stockville Northeast.fgd
Stockville Southeast 24,000 Stockville Southeast.tif Stockville Southeast.tfw Stockville Southeast.fgd
Stonehouse Ranch 24,000 Stonehouse Ranch.tif Stonehouse Ranch.tfw Stonehouse Ranch.fgd
Stonehouse Ranch Northeast 24,000 Stonehouse Ranch Northeast.tif Stonehouse Ranch Northeast.tfw Stonehouse Ranch Northeast.fgd
Stonehouse Ranch Northwest 24,000 Stonehouse Ranch Northwest.tif Stonehouse Ranch Northwest.tfw Stonehouse Ranch Northwest.fgd
Stonehouse Ranch Southwest 24,000 Stonehouse Ranch Southwest.tif Stonehouse Ranch Southwest.tfw Stonehouse Ranch Southwest.fgd
Storm Lake 24,000 Storm Lake.tif Storm Lake.tfw Storm Lake.fgd
Story 24,000 Story.tif Story.tfw Story.fgd
Story Northeast 24,000 Story Northeast.tif Story Northeast.tfw Story Northeast.fgd
Strang 24,000 Strang.tif Strang.tfw Strang.fgd
Stratton 24,000 Stratton.tif Stratton.tfw Stratton.fgd
Stromsburg 24,000 Stromsburg.tif Stromsburg.tfw Stromsburg.fgd
Stuart 24,000 Stuart.tif Stuart.tfw Stuart.fgd
Stuart Northeast 24,000 Stuart Northeast.tif Stuart Northeast.tfw Stuart Northeast.fgd
Stuart Northwest 24,000 Stuart Northwest.tif Stuart Northwest.tfw Stuart Northwest.fgd
Stuart Southeast 24,000 Stuart Southeast.tif Stuart Southeast.tfw Stuart Southeast.fgd
Sugar Loaf Hill 24,000 Sugar Loaf Hill.tif Sugar Loaf Hill.tfw Sugar Loaf Hill.fgd
Sumner 24,000 Sumner.tif Sumner.tfw Sumner.fgd
Sunflower Lake 24,000 Sunflower Lake.tif Sunflower Lake.tfw Sunflower Lake.fgd
Sunol 24,000 Sunol.tif Sunol.tfw Sunol.fgd
Superior 24,000 Superior.tif Superior.tfw Superior.fgd
Surprise 24,000 Surprise.tif Surprise.tfw Surprise.fgd
Sutherland Reservoir East 24,000 Sutherland Reservoir East.tif Sutherland Reservoir East.tfw Sutherland Reservoir East.fgd
Sutherland Reservoir Northwest 24,000 Sutherland Reservoir Northwest.tif Sutherland Reservoir Northwest.tfw Sutherland Reservoir Northwest.fgd
Sutherland Reservoir West 24,000 Sutherland Reservoir West.tif Sutherland Reservoir West.tfw Sutherland Reservoir West.fgd
Suttlers Canyon East 24,000 Suttlers Canyon East.tif Suttlers Canyon East.tfw Suttlers Canyon East.fgd
Suttlers Canyon West 24,000 Suttlers Canyon West.tif Suttlers Canyon West.tfw Suttlers Canyon West.fgd
Sutton 24,000 Sutton.tif Sutton.tfw Sutton.fgd
Swan Lake 24,000 Swan Lake.tif Swan Lake.tfw Swan Lake.fgd
Swanton 24,000 Swanton.tif Swanton.tfw Swanton.fgd
Swedehome 24,000 Swedehome.tif Swedehome.tfw Swedehome.fgd
Swedish Cemetery 24,000 Swedish Cemetery.tif Swedish Cemetery.tfw Swedish Cemetery.fgd
Sybrant 24,000 Sybrant.tif Sybrant.tfw Sybrant.fgd
Syracuse 24,000 Syracuse.tif Syracuse.tfw Syracuse.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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