Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Callaway 24,000 Callaway.tif Callaway.tfw Callaway.fgd
Callaway Northwest 24,000 Callaway Northwest.tif Callaway Northwest.tfw Callaway Northwest.fgd
Callaway Southeast 24,000 Callaway Southeast.tif Callaway Southeast.tfw Callaway Southeast.fgd
Cambridge 24,000 Cambridge.tif Cambridge.tfw Cambridge.fgd
Cambridge Northeast 24,000 Cambridge Northeast.tif Cambridge Northeast.tfw Cambridge Northeast.fgd
Cameron 24,000 Cameron.tif Cameron.tfw Cameron.fgd
Camp Hayes Lake 24,000 Camp Hayes Lake.tif Camp Hayes Lake.tfw Camp Hayes Lake.fgd
Camp Hayes Lake Northeast 24,000 Camp Hayes Lake Northeast.tif Camp Hayes Lake Northeast.tfw Camp Hayes Lake Northeast.fgd
Camp Hayes Lake Southeast 24,000 Camp Hayes Lake Southeast.tif Camp Hayes Lake Southeast.tfw Camp Hayes Lake Southeast.fgd
Camp Lake 24,000 Camp Lake.tif Camp Lake.tfw Camp Lake.fgd
Camp Valley 24,000 Camp Valley.tif Camp Valley.tfw Camp Valley.fgd
Campbell 24,000 Campbell.tif Campbell.tfw Campbell.fgd
Card Lake 24,000 Card Lake.tif Card Lake.tfw Card Lake.fgd
Carleton 24,000 Carleton.tif Carleton.tfw Carleton.fgd
Carns 24,000 Carns.tif Carns.tfw Carns.fgd
Carpenter Ranch 24,000 Carpenter Ranch.tif Carpenter Ranch.tfw Carpenter Ranch.fgd
Carr Lake 24,000 Carr Lake.tif Carr Lake.tfw Carr Lake.fgd
Carr Lake Northeast 24,000 Carr Lake Northeast.tif Carr Lake Northeast.tfw Carr Lake Northeast.fgd
Carrico Lake 24,000 Carrico Lake.tif Carrico Lake.tfw Carrico Lake.fgd
Carroll 24,000 Carroll.tif Carroll.tfw Carroll.fgd
Carson Lake 24,000 Carson Lake.tif Carson Lake.tfw Carson Lake.fgd
Carson Northeast, IA 24,000 Carson Northeast, IA.tif Carson Northeast, IA.tfw Carson Northeast, IA.fgd
Carson, IA 24,000 Carson, IA.tif Carson, IA.tfw Carson, IA.fgd
Cedar Creek 24,000 Cedar Creek.tif Cedar Creek.tfw Cedar Creek.fgd
Cedar Rapids 24,000 Cedar Rapids.tif Cedar Rapids.tfw Cedar Rapids.fgd
Cedar Rapids Southeast 24,000 Cedar Rapids Southeast.tif Cedar Rapids Southeast.tfw Cedar Rapids Southeast.fgd
Center East 24,000 Center East.tif Center East.tfw Center East.fgd
Center West 24,000 Center West.tif Center West.tfw Center West.fgd
Central City East 24,000 Central City East.tif Central City East.tfw Central City East.fgd
Central City West 24,000 Central City West.tif Central City West.tfw Central City West.fgd
Ceresco 24,000 Ceresco.tif Ceresco.tfw Ceresco.fgd
Chadron East 24,000 Chadron East.tif Chadron East.tfw Chadron East.fgd
Chadron Northeast 24,000 Chadron Northeast.tif Chadron Northeast.tfw Chadron Northeast.fgd
Chadron West 24,000 Chadron West.tif Chadron West.tfw Chadron West.fgd
Chain Lake 24,000 Chain Lake.tif Chain Lake.tfw Chain Lake.fgd
Chalk Buttes 24,000 Chalk Buttes.tif Chalk Buttes.tfw Chalk Buttes.fgd
Chalk Buttes Northeast 24,000 Chalk Buttes Northeast.tif Chalk Buttes Northeast.tfw Chalk Buttes Northeast.fgd
Chambers East 24,000 Chambers East.tif Chambers East.tfw Chambers East.fgd
Chambers West 24,000 Chambers West.tif Chambers West.tfw Chambers West.fgd
Champion 24,000 Champion.tif Champion.tfw Champion.fgd
Champion Southwest 24,000 Champion Southwest.tif Champion Southwest.tfw Champion Southwest.fgd
Chapman 24,000 Chapman.tif Chapman.tfw Chapman.fgd
Chappell 24,000 Chappell.tif Chappell.tfw Chappell.fgd
Chappell Northeast 24,000 Chappell Northeast.tif Chappell Northeast.tfw Chappell Northeast.fgd
Chappell Northwest 24,000 Chappell Northwest.tif Chappell Northwest.tfw Chappell Northwest.fgd
Chappell Southeast 24,000 Chappell Southeast.tif Chappell Southeast.tfw Chappell Southeast.fgd
Chase 24,000 Chase.tif Chase.tfw Chase.fgd
Chatworth, SD 24,000 Chatworth, SD.tif Chatworth, SD.tfw Chatworth, SD.fgd
Chester 24,000 Chester.tif Chester.tfw Chester.fgd
Chesterfield Flats 24,000 Chesterfield Flats.tif Chesterfield Flats.tfw Chesterfield Flats.fgd
Chimney Butte 24,000 Chimney Butte.tif Chimney Butte.tfw Chimney Butte.fgd
Clarinda North, IA 24,000 Clarinda North, IA.tif Clarinda North, IA.tfw Clarinda North, IA.fgd
Clarinda South, IA 24,000 Clarinda South, IA.tif Clarinda South, IA.tfw Clarinda South, IA.fgd
Clarks 24,000 Clarks.tif Clarks.tfw Clarks.fgd
Clarkson 24,000 Clarkson.tif Clarkson.tfw Clarkson.fgd
Clarkson Southeast 24,000 Clarkson Southeast.tif Clarkson Southeast.tfw Clarkson Southeast.fgd
Clarkson Southwest 24,000 Clarkson Southwest.tif Clarkson Southwest.tfw Clarkson Southwest.fgd
Clatonia 24,000 Clatonia.tif Clatonia.tfw Clatonia.fgd
Clearmont, MO 24,000 Clearmont, MO.tif Clearmont, MO.tfw Clearmont, MO.fgd
Clearwater 24,000 Clearwater.tif Clearwater.tfw Clearwater.fgd
Climbing Hill, IA 24,000 Climbing Hill, IA.tif Climbing Hill, IA.tfw Climbing Hill, IA.fgd
Clinton 24,000 Clinton.tif Clinton.tfw Clinton.fgd
Clinton Northeast 24,000 Clinton Northeast.tif Clinton Northeast.tfw Clinton Northeast.fgd
Clinton Northwest 24,000 Clinton Northwest.tif Clinton Northwest.tfw Clinton Northwest.fgd
Clinton Southwest 24,000 Clinton Southwest.tif Clinton Southwest.tfw Clinton Southwest.fgd
Closter 24,000 Closter.tif Closter.tfw Closter.fgd
Closter Northeast 24,000 Closter Northeast.tif Closter Northeast.tfw Closter Northeast.fgd
Closter Southeast 24,000 Closter Southeast.tif Closter Southeast.tfw Closter Southeast.fgd
Closter Southwest 24,000 Closter Southwest.tif Closter Southwest.tfw Closter Southwest.fgd
Coburg, IA 24,000 Coburg, IA.tif Coburg, IA.tfw Coburg, IA.fgd
Coburn Canyon 24,000 Coburn Canyon.tif Coburn Canyon.tfw Coburn Canyon.fgd
Cody East 24,000 Cody East.tif Cody East.tfw Cody East.fgd
Cody Lake 24,000 Cody Lake.tif Cody Lake.tfw Cody Lake.fgd
Cody Southeast 24,000 Cody Southeast.tif Cody Southeast.tfw Cody Southeast.fgd
Cody West 24,000 Cody West.tif Cody West.tfw Cody West.fgd
Coffee Mill Butte 24,000 Coffee Mill Butte.tif Coffee Mill Butte.tfw Coffee Mill Butte.fgd
Coffee Mill Butte Southeast 24,000 Coffee Mill Butte Southeast.tif Coffee Mill Butte Southeast.tfw Coffee Mill Butte Southeast.fgd
Coffee Mill Butte Southwest 24,000 Coffee Mill Butte Southwest.tif Coffee Mill Butte Southwest.tfw Coffee Mill Butte Southwest.fgd
Coin, IA 24,000 Coin, IA.tif Coin, IA.tfw Coin, IA.fgd
Coke Lake Northwest 24,000 Coke Lake Northwest.tif Coke Lake Northwest.tfw Coke Lake Northwest.fgd
Coke Lake Southwest 24,000 Coke Lake Southwest.tif Coke Lake Southwest.tfw Coke Lake Southwest.fgd
Coleman Lake 24,000 Coleman Lake.tif Coleman Lake.tfw Coleman Lake.fgd
Coleridge 24,000 Coleridge.tif Coleridge.tfw Coleridge.fgd
Coleridge Southeast 24,000 Coleridge Southeast.tif Coleridge Southeast.tfw Coleridge Southeast.fgd
Colon 24,000 Colon.tif Colon.tfw Colon.fgd
Columbus 24,000 Columbus.tif Columbus.tfw Columbus.fgd
Columbus Southeast 24,000 Columbus Southeast.tif Columbus Southeast.tfw Columbus Southeast.fgd
Columbus Southwest 24,000 Columbus Southwest.tif Columbus Southwest.tfw Columbus Southwest.fgd
Comstock 24,000 Comstock.tif Comstock.tfw Comstock.fgd
Comstock Northwest 24,000 Comstock Northwest.tif Comstock Northwest.tfw Comstock Northwest.fgd
Comstock Southeast 24,000 Comstock Southeast.tif Comstock Southeast.tfw Comstock Southeast.fgd
Concord 24,000 Concord.tif Concord.tfw Concord.fgd
Cook 24,000 Cook.tif Cook.tfw Cook.fgd
Cooper Canyon 24,000 Cooper Canyon.tif Cooper Canyon.tfw Cooper Canyon.fgd
Corley, IA 24,000 Corley, IA.tif Corley, IA.tfw Corley, IA.fgd
Cornell Dam 24,000 Cornell Dam.tif Cornell Dam.tfw Cornell Dam.fgd
Corning, MO 24,000 Corning, MO.tif Corning, MO.tfw Corning, MO.fgd
Cornlea 24,000 Cornlea.tif Cornlea.tfw Cornlea.fgd
Cortland 24,000 Cortland.tif Cortland.tfw Cortland.fgd
Cotesfield 24,000 Cotesfield.tif Cotesfield.tfw Cotesfield.fgd
Cottonwood Lake 24,000 Cottonwood Lake.tif Cottonwood Lake.tfw Cottonwood Lake.fgd
Coumbe Bluff 24,000 Coumbe Bluff.tif Coumbe Bluff.tfw Coumbe Bluff.fgd
Council Bluffs North, IA 24,000 Council Bluffs North, IA.tif Council Bluffs North, IA.tfw Council Bluffs North, IA.fgd
Council Bluffs South, IA 24,000 Council Bluffs South, IA.tif Council Bluffs South, IA.tfw Council Bluffs South, IA.fgd
Courthouse Rock 24,000 Courthouse Rock.tif Courthouse Rock.tfw Courthouse Rock.fgd
Cowboy Hills 24,000 Cowboy Hills.tif Cowboy Hills.tfw Cowboy Hills.fgd
Cowles 24,000 Cowles.tif Cowles.tfw Cowles.fgd
Cozad 24,000 Cozad.tif Cozad.tfw Cozad.fgd
Cozad Northwest 24,000 Cozad Northwest.tif Cozad Northwest.tfw Cozad Northwest.fgd
Crab Orchard 24,000 Crab Orchard.tif Crab Orchard.tfw Crab Orchard.fgd
Craig 24,000 Craig.tif Craig.tfw Craig.fgd
Crawford 24,000 Crawford.tif Crawford.tfw Crawford.fgd
Creighton 24,000 Creighton.tif Creighton.tfw Creighton.fgd
Crescent Lake 24,000 Crescent Lake.tif Crescent Lake.tfw Crescent Lake.fgd
Crescent Lake Southeast 24,000 Crescent Lake Southeast.tif Crescent Lake Southeast.tfw Crescent Lake Southeast.fgd
Creston 24,000 Creston.tif Creston.tfw Creston.fgd
Crete North 24,000 Crete North.tif Crete North.tfw Crete North.fgd
Crete South 24,000 Crete South.tif Crete South.tfw Crete South.fgd
Criag, MO 24,000 Criag, MO.tif Criag, MO.tfw Criag, MO.fgd
Crofton 24,000 Crofton.tif Crofton.tfw Crofton.fgd
Crookston East 24,000 Crookston East.tif Crookston East.tfw Crookston East.fgd
Crookston West 24,000 Crookston West.tif Crookston West.tfw Crookston West.fgd
Crow Butte 24,000 Crow Butte.tif Crow Butte.tfw Crow Butte.fgd
Crowe Dam 24,000 Crowe Dam.tif Crowe Dam.tfw Crowe Dam.fgd
Culbertson 24,000 Culbertson.tif Culbertson.tfw Culbertson.fgd
Culbertson Northwest 24,000 Culbertson Northwest.tif Culbertson Northwest.tfw Culbertson Northwest.fgd
Culbertson Southeast 24,000 Culbertson Southeast.tif Culbertson Southeast.tfw Culbertson Southeast.fgd
Culbertson Southwest 24,000 Culbertson Southwest.tif Culbertson Southwest.tfw Culbertson Southwest.fgd
Curry Lake 24,000 Curry Lake.tif Curry Lake.tfw Curry Lake.fgd
Curtis 24,000 Curtis.tif Curtis.tfw Curtis.fgd
Curtis Northwest 24,000 Curtis Northwest.tif Curtis Northwest.tfw Curtis Northwest.fgd
Curtis Southeast 24,000 Curtis Southeast.tif Curtis Southeast.tfw Curtis Southeast.fgd
Curtis Southwest 24,000 Curtis Southwest.tif Curtis Southwest.tfw Curtis Southwest.fgd
Cushing 24,000 Cushing.tif Cushing.tfw Cushing.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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