Nebraska Topographic Maps (Digital Raster Graphics)

To use the image file (.tif) with a geographic information system, you must have the world file (.tfw) to properly locate the .tif file. Metadata files (.fgd) are available for each DRG. Search results will appear below. Right click to download the .tif (image) file. If interested, learn more about DRGs.

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1:250,000 Scale

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NameScaleImage FileWorld FileMetadata File
Oak 24,000 Oak.tif Oak.tfw Oak.fgd
Oakdale 24,000 Oakdale.tif Oakdale.tfw Oakdale.fgd
Oakland 24,000 Oakland.tif Oakland.tfw Oakland.fgd
Oakland, IA 24,000 Oakland, IA.tif Oakland, IA.tfw Oakland, IA.fgd
Oat Creek 24,000 Oat Creek.tif Oat Creek.tfw Oat Creek.fgd
Obert 24,000 Obert.tif Obert.tfw Obert.fgd
Oconto 24,000 Oconto.tif Oconto.tfw Oconto.fgd
Oconto Northwest 24,000 Oconto Northwest.tif Oconto Northwest.tfw Oconto Northwest.fgd
Octono Southeast 24,000 Octono Southeast.tif Octono Southeast.tfw Octono Southeast.fgd
Octono Southwest 24,000 Octono Southwest.tif Octono Southwest.tfw Octono Southwest.fgd
Odell 24,000 Odell.tif Odell.tfw Odell.fgd
Odell Northeast 24,000 Odell Northeast.tif Odell Northeast.tfw Odell Northeast.fgd
Odencranze Table North 24,000 Odencranze Table North.tif Odencranze Table North.tfw Odencranze Table North.fgd
Odencranze Table South 24,000 Odencranze Table South.tif Odencranze Table South.tfw Odencranze Table South.fgd
Oelrichs Southwest 24,000 Oelrichs Southwest.tif Oelrichs Southwest.tfw Oelrichs Southwest.fgd
Ogallala 24,000 Ogallala.tif Ogallala.tfw Ogallala.fgd
Ogallala Southeast 24,000 Ogallala Southeast.tif Ogallala Southeast.tfw Ogallala Southeast.fgd
Ogallala Southwest 24,000 Ogallala Southwest.tif Ogallala Southwest.tfw Ogallala Southwest.fgd
Ohiowa 24,000 Ohiowa.tif Ohiowa.tfw Ohiowa.fgd
Old Baldy 24,000 Old Baldy.tif Old Baldy.tfw Old Baldy.fgd
Oliver Reservoir 24,000 Oliver Reservoir.tif Oliver Reservoir.tfw Oliver Reservoir.fgd
Omaha North 24,000 Omaha North.tif Omaha North.tfw Omaha North.fgd
Omaha South 24,000 Omaha South.tif Omaha South.tfw Omaha South.fgd
Onawa Southwest, IA 24,000 Onawa Southwest, IA.tif Onawa Southwest, IA.tfw Onawa Southwest, IA.fgd
Onawa, IA 24,000 Onawa, IA.tif Onawa, IA.tfw Onawa, IA.fgd
O'Neill 24,000 O'Neill.tif O'Neill.tfw O'Neill.fgd
O'Neill Southeast 24,000 O'Neill Southeast.tif O'Neill Southeast.tfw O'Neill Southeast.fgd
O'Neill Southwest 24,000 O'Neill Southwest.tif O'Neill Southwest.tfw O'Neill Southwest.fgd
Ong 24,000 Ong.tif Ong.tfw Ong.fgd
Opportunity 24,000 Opportunity.tif Opportunity.tfw Opportunity.fgd
Orchard 24,000 Orchard.tif Orchard.tfw Orchard.fgd
Orchard Northeast 24,000 Orchard Northeast.tif Orchard Northeast.tfw Orchard Northeast.fgd
Orchard Northwest 24,000 Orchard Northwest.tif Orchard Northwest.tfw Orchard Northwest.fgd
Ord 24,000 Ord.tif Ord.tfw Ord.fgd
Ord Northeast 24,000 Ord Northeast.tif Ord Northeast.tfw Ord Northeast.fgd
Ord Northwest 24,000 Ord Northwest.tif Ord Northwest.tfw Ord Northwest.fgd
Ord Southeast 24,000 Ord Southeast.tif Ord Southeast.tfw Ord Southeast.fgd
Orella 24,000 Orella.tif Orella.tfw Orella.fgd
Orleans 24,000 Orleans.tif Orleans.tfw Orleans.fgd
Orum 24,000 Orum.tif Orum.tfw Orum.fgd
Osceola 24,000 Osceola.tif Osceola.tfw Osceola.fgd
Oshkosh 24,000 Oshkosh.tif Oshkosh.tfw Oshkosh.fgd
Oshkosh Southwest 24,000 Oshkosh Southwest.tif Oshkosh Southwest.tfw Oshkosh Southwest.fgd
Osmond 24,000 Osmond.tif Osmond.tfw Osmond.fgd
Ough 24,000 Ough.tif Ough.tfw Ough.fgd
Overton 24,000 Overton.tif Overton.tfw Overton.fgd
Owasco 24,000 Owasco.tif Owasco.tfw Owasco.fgd
Oxford 24,000 Oxford.tif Oxford.tfw Oxford.fgd
Oxford Northwest 24,000 Oxford Northwest.tif Oxford Northwest.tfw Oxford Northwest.fgd
Oyens, IA 24,000 Oyens, IA.tif Oyens, IA.tfw Oyens, IA.fgd


Matthew Joeckel

Matt Joeckel

SNR Senior Associate Director | Director, Conservation and Survey Division | Nebraska State Geologist

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