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Applied Climate Science

The problem: Climate Extremes

In applied climate science, our students are not just learning about changing climate patterns, but taking that information and applying it to today’s world problems. We prepare our students to work with their peers in the scientific community to look at how climate variations are impacting such things as wildlife, crops, and national security, and then finding solutions to possible questions or problems that may arise.

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Applied Climate Science

Applied climate science students take a variety of courses across a spectrum of different sciences including biology, chemistry, math, and technology. Beyond their core coursework, students will choose an area to specialize in. This can be anything from wildlife to national security to community planning, based specifically off the career goals the student has planned.

Students in applied climate science also have the opportunity to work with faculty in the following climate based centers located in the School of Natural Resources: Nebraska State Climate Office, High Plains Regional Climate Center, and the National Drought Mitigation Center.

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The future awaits

Our graduates go on to become leaders in their field. With a degree in applied climate science, you could work for:

  • Climate Services Division of the National Weather Service
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Climate Data Center
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research

We want to help you find your dream career. That’s why we utilize our job board, Handshake and send out weekly job update emails.

  • Installing Mesonet
  • Irrigation Study
  • Remote Sensing in Canopy

Go beyond the classroom with these opportunities

Bryan Petersen

Meet Bryan

"I decided to enroll at UNL, because it was one of the only universities with this major. Since I grew up on a family farm in Nebraska, I wanted a major that integrated some agriculture classes into the degree, and I always have been interested in meteorology and climatology. So, applied climate science was the perfect fit, since the major description is how the climate impacts society as well as agricultural and natural resource systems."

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